5 Smile Enhancing Tips

By Alexis Wolfer

I get asked ALL. THE. TIME. for my #1 best beauty tip.

And it’s always an easy answer: SMILE!

It’s incredible what it does for your entire face, immediately making you look younger, more vibrant, healthier, happier, and more beautiful.

Plus, studies actually show that smiling is one place where faking it actually makes it. Sure, smiling can be a reflection of your inner happiness, but it can also actually make you happier, even if you’re faking that smile of yours.

So, really, there’s no reason not to show off those pearly whites of yours more often.

Whether you’re self-conscious about your smile or just want to perk it up for the best effect, watch this video to see my 5 tips for a prettier smile!

5 Beauty Tips For A Prettier Smile

Sponsored by Invisalign. All statements are my own.

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