Activated Charcoal: Dr. Mait’s Pulse & Remedy Heals Head To Toe

Dr. Mait’s Pulse & Remedy Activated Charcoal Beautifies Skin, Whitens Teeth, Calms Stomach Aches + Detoxes Your Body

Dr. Jarred Mait is the kind of doctor Grey’s Anatomy was written about.

Well, at least in the super smart, uber attractive, and ridiculously innovative kind of way. (As for his on-call room sex life, well, you’ll have to ask him.)

Trust me, I went to college with him.

Randomly, I also ran into him in Israel, of all places.

We had peripherally stayed in touch (newsflash: Facebook is good for more than just stalking your exes) and I knew he was now a concierge wellness and house call physician in Miami (no shocker here!); but what I didn’t know was that he was taking holistic wellness to a whole new level, well, as far as I was concerned anyway.

Sure, his patients can call him when they have sore throats or achy bellies and he can tend to that all from a Western medicine perspective (yes, he’s an M.D.), but you can also call him for a hangover-healing IV vitamin infusion after a night out on the town or for general “I want to live my best life” advice. Because, unlike most other doctors, he’s also a natural-remedy-leaning, holistic wellness guru who sees you as a complete being, not just a whole lot of disconnected organs like most Western docs. And, well, that’s my jam.

Anyway, if you’re in Miami, call him (305.699.MYMD) or click here.

BUT – and this is a big BUT: if you’re not in Miami, you’re not out of luck…

Which leads me to my black mouth.

Dr. Mait isn’t just a dreamy doctor. He’s also the founder of Pulse & Remedy Natural Medicine and their first product – Activated Coconut Charcoal – is taking my belly and beauty routine by storm.

When we ran into each other and he told me about this, well, I was intrigued. Fast forward a few weeks, a belly ache, and coffee-stained teeth later and, well, here we are!

Anywhoooo I’m hooked. You probably should be too. Read on for more!

What Is Activated Charcoal?

As Dr. Mait explains, “Through a process of reheating via steam, regular charcoal becomes ‘activated charcoal’. First the coconut shell is heated to create a char. This char is then ‘activated’ in a furnace at temperatures between 1,700° to 1,800°F.”

The result: a black powder that can be used to heal upset stomachs, whiten teeth, and as a DIY face mask (pretty much making it my version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding Windex!)

Sure you run the risk of staining, well, EVERYTHING black but, two things:

First, if you’re a (former?) NYer (or wanna be) and your wardrobe is mostly black anyway, well, no worries there.

Second, the risk is well worth the reward. (Hi, pearly whites, it had been a while!)

Here’s what you need to know about adding Dr. Mait’s activated charcoal to your wellness routine

How To Use Activated Charcoal To Whiten Teeth

Once a week, add a small amount of charcoal to a wet toothbrush and brush teeth for 1 minute. Results are seen instantly, after rinsing. Seriously, this works! My teeth are noticeably whiter after one use! Oh, and there is zero irritation (unlike when I brush with baking soda and my gums are sore for a couple hours).

How To Use Activated Charcoal As A DIY Beauty Remedy

Activated Charcoal can be applied safely directly to the skin to pull out toxins and cleanse the skin. You can apply it to everything from pimples to bug bites. Just mix a small amount of activated charcoal with water, aloe vera, flax seed oil or coconut oil and apply as a paste. Leave on for up to 60 minutes before rinsing to reveal more radiant skin. Note: use paper towels to wash and dry your face afterward to save you annoying laundry later!

How To Use Activated Charcoal To Detox

“Activated charcoal has been used for nearly a century in nearly every hospital throughout the world for medication overdose and accidental ingestion,” explains Dr. Mait. In the same way that charcoal binds to medications and renders them inactive as they are eliminated through the colon, it can similarly help to detox your body of toxins. Add a tablespoon to room temperature water and drink slowly once per day. It’s completely taste- and texture-less – although is definitely stains your tongue black and then grey for a bit so maybe not the best pre-date beverage.

How To Use Activated Charcoal To Heal A Belly Ache

“Activated charcoal has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy for indigestion, gas, bloating, and food poisoning.” Mix a tablespoon into a cup of room temperature water and drink slowly. Follow with a cup of plain water. It’s like TUMS, but better. WAY. Better.

Convinced yet?

Pulse & Remedy Activated Charcoal, $30,

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