By Elizabeth Monson

What image pops into your head when you hear the words “ideal woman”? Is it someone with an ideal body like Brigitte Bardot or Megan Fox? Is it someone who taught you your ideals like your mom or grandmother? We’re guessing it isn’t yourself…just yet that is. Artist Allie Pohl is working towards fixing the lack of clarity by addressing the female ideal head-on. As Pohl puts it herself, “I am interested in commenting on the female body in its idealized form…I strive to express the absurdities, conflicts and hypocrisies society presents about ‘ideal’ women.”

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And just how does she express these absurdities? By exploring Barbie’s crotch, of course. Pohl created her Ideal Woman necklace in the form of the iconic doll’s nether regions to reveal our obsession with the perfect female figure and the cultural obsession with an impossible ideal.

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Not only is the pendant meant to be a fun reminder for yourself, but also so that “when worn it is a catalyst for instigating new ideas, conversation and change—“ a pretty high order for a necklace, but one we are sure will get you a reaction. Pohl also created a website for necklace wearers to share their experiences wearing the necklace. Log on and join the community of Ideal Women!

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Ideal Woman Necklace, $25-$60,

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