In Defense of Delete: When Politics Isn’t Pretty

We have Real Problems Here, Updos Aren’t One Of ‘Em

By Alexis Wolfer

My inbox is overflowing with “Get The Look!!!!” emails (yes, they always include wayyyyy too many exclamation points), touting the steps you need (er, should?) follow to look just like your favorite red-carpet walking celebrity.

And usually we run these DIY the celebrity look stories on the regular following awards shows. Partially because they’re fun; partially because they’re damn good for traffic. (Shocker: y’all click on the shit with Kerry Washington’s name in the title – especially if we imply that you can look just a bit more like her if you do. And you can. Or at least your hair and makeup can.)

But today I just couldn’t. I couldn’t even open them. I could barely handle the checking of the tick box to the left of the email required to delete it. And it’s not because I don’t respect that these actresses worked damn hard for the opportunity to strut their stuff. And it’s not that I don’t know that their brilliant beauty teams pulled out the big guns to ensure they radiated. And it’s not because I don’t have infinite love and respect for the publicists who keep me in the loop on these things (really, I’m sorry). And it’s not because I don’t think that we all deserve some levity in times like this.

But today I just couldn’t do it… the problems of the world seemed too vast even for a can full of dry shampoo (and that ish can fix almost anything!).

So, instead, I sorta hibernated once I got off the red eye back in NYC this morning. I kinda pretended it was Sunday. I ordered in food from Hu Kitchen, I drank 2 bottles of Mountain Valley Spring Water before Meredith Geller schooled me on why I shouldn’t drink too much spring water (more on that another day), and I called my California and NYC senators and tweeted my favorite congressman (Ted Lieu, of course!) to express my heavy-hearted concerns.

The plan tonight: a serious facial scrub down with Tatcha Polished Deep Rice Enzyme Powder, a Dr Jart face mask, and sleep. Lots of sleep.

Because tomorrow is a new day and well maybe (fingers crossed a million times over!) the problems that face us will be of the run-in-stockings variety (AKA the kind that nail polish and hairspray can fix).

Until then, I hope you’ll read this.