5 Ways To Wear Leg Warmers, Without Looking Like A Flashdance Extra

By Elena Scuro

If you haven’t already invested in a pair (or two!) of leg warmers, there’s no better time than the present! This leg-loving accessory isn’t just for dance class. Here are 5 ways to wear leg warmers:

Going out to a party or need some extra warmth for work? Wear black leg warmers over black tights with a cute winter dress! Pair with flats or pumps and you’ll have a subtle way to keep yourself extra cozy.

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Best for a milder winter climate without snow, wear leg warmers with footless tights or leggings and flats. The leg warmers will keep your calves warm enough that your feet won’t feel so bare. This look might be reminiscent of the 80’s, but it’s on trend now more than ever!

Booties are all the rage, but when your calves feel like they’re missing something, wear some leg warmers for some extra warmth. And don’t tuck leg warmers into your booties, let them sit on top for a chic look!

Winter boots we love!

When the wind is blustery or you had a blizzard the night before, snow boots are a must. Wear your leg warmers underneath your mid-calf boots to keep your legs extra protected.

You might think you look like you belong in Flashdance, but leg warmers are totally acceptable at the gym. For Pilates or yoga where movement is limited or, cliché as it is, a dance class, leg warmers will keep you guarded from gym-class draft.

Functional and practical, leg warmers are a trend we can get behind. Invest in them now, before the weather warms up!

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