How To Be Happy: Quit Your New Year’s Resolutions + Do This

Hey BeautyBean-ers,

It’s a New Year and, if I had to guess, a lot of you are spending time thinking about this “new year, new you” business everyone is seemingly throwing around and, as a result, embarking on your resolutions.

But here’s the deal: resolutions don’t work – especially not the ones we allΒ tend to make.

So what do we want when we set resolutions?

We want to accomplish something (to lose weight, to workout every day, to volunteer more, to work harder, for example) because we think that these things will make us happier.

But why not cut to the chase?

You don’t NEED any of these things to be happy. If fact, accomplishing most resolutions won’t make you any happier than you are right now.

So why don’t we focus on the things that actually make us happier?!

To see what I mean, watch this….





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