‘Radiant Bride’ Has Officially Hit Shelves!

Hey Beauty Bean-ers,

So, today is the big day: Radiant Bride, my new book, is officially on sale wherever books are sold (including here!) – and it’s already been called “a bride’s must-have secret weapon!”

For most women, their wedding day is their single, all-eyes-on-me, moment to shine.

Yet far too many women crash diet to the point of thinning hair and sallow skin, spend countless hours doing squats in the gym when no one can see their bum under their ballgown, and feel crummy because, well, they haven’t eaten anything other than egg whites and cucumbers for who knows how long!

Radiant Bride is here to fix all that – and more.

As a beauty expert and holistic nutritionist, I founded TheBeautyBean.com as an online destination to help women look and feel their best. From healthy recipes to makeup tips, TheBeautyBean.com is a one-stop-shop for beauty inside and out (it’s why you’re here, isn’t it?!).

I receive countless emails from readers, but the majority (by far!) are wedding related.

Sure, there are a lot of great bridal blogs, but none with information applicable for any bride, regardless of body type, skin tone, tastes, and budget. And while there are a lot of wedding books, most focus more on place settings than beauty and none focus exclusively on the future Mrs.

In line with my “DIY Beauty Queen” title (as dubbed by People StyleWatch!), I decided to, well, DIY it!

And today, I’m so excited to share with you my new book, Radiant Bride: The Beauty, Diet, Fitness and Fashion Plan for Your Big Day.

Radiant Bride is the modern girls’ guide to looking and feeling your best, from engagement to honeymoon, without going crazy.

Through it, I will lead you (or your engaged BFFs!) to the aisle as the healthiest, happiest, most beautiful version of yourself. No crash dieting, no stressing, and bridezillas be gone.

From fitness, to fashion, to beauty and more. Chapters include…

  • Bachelorette cocktail recipes that won’t blow your diet
  • Picking the dress of your dreams and silhouettes that flatter
  • My signature DIY facials masks for every skin type
  • A guide to eating for beauty and the Radiant Bride Detox Diet
  • The Buff Bride fitness plan
  • Questions to ask to your makeup artists & hairstylist
  • Packing your wedding-day survival kit
  • Skin care daily solutions & day-of saviors
  • Happily ever after tips for the radiant wife

…. And tips for the groom too.

Whether you are gifting, or taking your own personal notes, Radiant Bride is the ultimate guide for the soon to be Mrs. no matter how much time you have between today and “I do!”

Getting married – or know someone who is? Click here to order your copy today! 

Thank you so much for your support! None of this would be possible without you!

PS. Order your copy in the next 48 hours and get a FREE signed book plate (forward your order confirmation to brides@thebeautybean.com) And if you order more than 5 copies (hey, you likely know a lot of people for whom this would make a great gift!), get a FREE 30-minute wellness consultation with me (limited to the first 10 people)!



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