By Alexis Wolfer

It seems as if celebrities always take a perfect picture. Whether on the red carpet, in editorial spreads or even in paparazzi-like shots, it seems as if the famous women of Hollywood rarely take a bad picture (well, when actually posing anyway and not caught off guard at Duane Reade). Yet, somehow, when we’re photographed at events, we need to take a slew of shots (and immediately critique them on our digital cameras) in order to get a frame-worthy image. Well, until now anyway.

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Thanks to Dimitrios Kambouris and Frazer Harrison of Getty Images, (the world’s leading creator and distributor of visual content and comprehensive celebrity imagery – and the in-house photographers at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week,) we can now rest easy. No longer will you have to worry about a less-than-stellar snapshot living forever in digital camera history or, even worse, ending up on Facebook the next day. Rather, with these top tips, you can be perfectly posed whenever a light bulb flashes.

7 Tips on Striking the Perfect Pose

1. Study magazines to see what looks work best work for your body type.

2. Always keep one leg slightly in front of the other.

3. Lean back slightly.

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4. Stand with your shoulders back and your back straight.

5. Put at least one hand on your hip.

6. Cock your head slightly to the side and drop your chin or turn and look over your shoulder.

7. Practice your smile in the mirror to see what type of smile works best for you.

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