Welcome To The Beauty Bean 2.0

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Welcome to The Beauty Bean 2.0!

All of us here at The Beauty Bean have been working our butts off (unfortunately, not exactly at the gym) to give The Beauty Bean a much-needed makeover.

Three years ago I launched The Beauty Bean having never run my own website before. Sure, I had been working in editorial – even online editorial, at SyleCaster – but, as any of you entrepreneurs out there know: running your own business is its own beast and you never really know what you’re getting yourself into until you jump in head first. Thankfully, I’ve never been scared of taking risks.  And while I am extraordinarily proud of the work we’ve done and so eternally grateful for all of the people who have worked to bring my vision of an empowering online beauty magazine to life over the last 3 years, it was time for a facelift!

As always, The Beauty Bean will continue to bring you empowering content in a way that celebrates your beauty inside and out. As before, you will still find all of your favorite fitness tips, easy and healthy food recipes, makeup must-haves, hair how-tos and topical homemade beauty recipes. Beyond our streamlined navigation (so you can find everything you’re looking for much more easily than before) and cleaner design, now you will also find new and improved music playlists, a larger focus on DIY homemade beauty recipes for facial masks, body scrubs and more, and  Pretty/Bold, a new column highlighting beautifully bold women.

As always, we remain a positive community of women passionate about Real Beauty and dedicated to creating a glamorous online magazine that empowers you to live a life that’s bold, brilliant and beyond the bullshit, while embracing your inner and outer beauty.

We hope you like what you see!



I’d like to dedicate this to all the incredible people who have worked on or inspired The Beauty Bean in the past, present and future…

Alix Turoff, Amanda Russell, Arielle Fierman, Ashleigh VanHouten, Becca Gregg, Becky Sendrow, Bianca Beldini, Bonni Zipp, Cady Childs, Caroline Holland, Cate Walker, Chrissy Callahan, Christina Fink, Cindy Augustine, Courtney Leiva, Dayna Brandoff, Diana Zarowin, Driver Digital, Elena Scuro, Elizabeth Monson, Emma Macdonald, Evonne Weiner, Fiona Kirk, Gabrielle Bernstein, Hannah Young, Hillary Rubin, Hitha Palepu, Jacqueline Schwartz, Jen Groover, Jenna Nicole Levine, Jennifer Stone, Jessica Bernstein, Jessica Kupetz, Jessie Leventhal, Jill Rudnitzky, Jillian Fleischman, Julia Dzafic, Kaci Kust, Karen Salmohnson, Kate Aquillano, Katherine Chen, Kelly Lynn Adams, Kelly McLendon, Kelsea Brennan, Kim Phillips, Latham Thomas, Lauren Talbot, Laurie Borenstein, Lindsay Danas, Lindsay Tigar, Liz DiAlto, Margina Dennis, Maxine Frendel, Melanie Kozlan, Melissa Chrisp, Michel Fox, Michele Martin, Mussarat Bata, Nicole Teh, Nisha Moodley, Nitika Chopra, Paul Pisani, Rebecca Alexander, RedBranch PR, Results Advertising, Rosilyn Rayborn, Sabina Ptacin, Sarah Jenks, Sierra Fromberg, Socialyte, Souli Funna, Tayler Bartman and Will Hobbs.
And, finally, to my incredibly supportive family and friends, especially my parents!