One Leg Workouts: The Power Of Imbalance

Get A Full-Body Workout With One-Leg Workouts We are multi-tasking mavens: we email while walking on the treadmill, text message while watching TV, and talk on the phone while, well, doing just about everything. Yet often at the gym we work just one muscle (or muscle group) at a time. How inefficient of us! Luckily, […]

Planks versus Crunches

Which Is Better: Planks Or Crunches? Wondering whether your time in the gym is better spent doing crunches or dropping and planking? Well, if you’re looking for efficiency in exercise, in the battle between planks or crunches (fine, it’s not really a battle… the battle is actually getting to the gym!), the winner is… Planks! Here’s […]

Gym Hair: How To Maintain Your Blowout, Even Thru A Workout

Go From Workout To Work Without Washing Your Gym Hair! Here’s How… You always plan on getting to the gym each morning. And KNOW that the 30 minutes it takes to break a sweat, get your heart racing, boost your mood, and increase your energy, is well worth the effort. But then you think about your […]