Thigh Exercises: 3 Exercises For Toned Thighs

3 Thigh Exercises You Can Do Anywhere By Liz DiAlto Like most women, we’re in pursuit of tight, toned thighs. No, not in pursuit of a #ThighGap (heck, mermaid legs are our jam!), but rather in pursuit of strong legs capable of carrying us everywhere we want to go. Combined with a healthy diet and […]

10 Ways To Make Morning Workouts FAR More Likely!

10 Tips To Make Morning Workouts Doable Not a morning person? You’re not alone! But we all know that we’re FAR more likely to actually workout in the morning (if we can just.get.out.of.bed.) that we are when afternoon rolls around and we’re tired (and there’s a happy hour to go to!). To make morning workouts […]

Get in Shape: 3 Things That May Be Holding You Back

Want To Get In Shape? By Jessica Kupetz We all have our reasons for not getting to the gym as many times as we swore we would in our New Year’s resolutions. No matter the excuses, it’s time to let go, get in shape, and move on to a healthier, more fit you.  So whether […]