4 Reasons You Should Lift Weights

By Kennison Lay Contrary to the widely accepted gender divide at the gym, (and you all know how we feel about gender-divided anything!) the free weights section in the gym isn’t reserved for buff, grunting male body builders chugging protein shakes any more than the cardio section is exclusive to women catching up on the daily […]

Pre-Workout Energizing Eats: 6 Ways To Fuel For Fitness

By Diana Zarowin Whether you’re a committed workout-aholic or a yoga once-a-week type girl (or somewhere in between, like me),  it’s crucial to stay hydrated and satiated before a sweat session. Our bodies need sustenance to become and stay energized both before and during exercise, and it’s most important to fill our bodies with energizing […]

All High-Heel Devotees, Listen Up!

By Nicole Teh Normally, your fully functioning well looked after feet serve as a cushion to your skeleton from crazy amounts of pounding. But cram them into a towering pair of Prada heels for 8 hours and you’ll get a serving of high pain along with that high fashion. Your heel-to-toe transition becomes abrupt, forcing […]