5 Reasons Crunches Suck (And Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good)

Crunches Could Be Inefficient At Best + Bad For You At Worst. Here’s What You Need To Know! Sick and tired of doing crunches? Sicker and tired-er of doing them and still not seeing the results you’re after? You’re not only not alone, you’re also likely better off skipping the crunches anyway because, well, they’re […]

Your Glutes: 5 Reasons To Build A Strong Booty

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Holly Perkins On Why You Need Stronger Glutes – And How To Get ‘Em! By Holly Perkins It is allllll about the booty right now! And for good reason. And no, not just because you want your butt to look better in your jeans (though it will…) but rather because there are […]

Sober Dance Clubs: The Latest Fitness Trend

Daybreaker Makes Being Sober In A Nightclub At 6am A Good Thing. While being in a nightclub at 6am usually means you partied WAY too hard, likely made some terrible decisions, and are apt to feel like death for the next 24 hours (48 hours if you’re over 30), Daybreaker is here to change that. Part […]