Workout Routines You Can Do Anywhere: 5 Exercises You Can Do In The Shower

Workout Routines You Can Do In The Shower By Liz DiAlto We’ve given you exercises to do in the car, workouts you can do in heels and fitness routines that will tone with nothing more than a towel. The bottom line is that we whole-heartedly believe that some exercise is better than no exercise and that […]

How To Run Faster: 7 Tips For Quicker Runs

7 Tips To Help You Run Faster So you want to shave some time off of your mile (high school fitness test style!) and run faster? Thankfully (at least for most of us!) the days of timed mile runs, public weigh ins, and pull-up tests are over. WAY over. But that doesn’t mean that you may […]

Thigh Exercises: 3 Exercises For Toned Thighs

3 Thigh Exercises You Can Do Anywhere By Liz DiAlto Like most women, we’re in pursuit of tight, toned thighs. No, not in pursuit of a #ThighGap (heck, mermaid legs are our jam!), but rather in pursuit of strong legs capable of carrying us everywhere we want to go. Combined with a healthy diet and […]