How To Find Love Thru Yoga + Meditation

  5 Ways Yoga + Meditation Can Help You Find Love For Self + Others Learning to love ourselves and others is harder than it seems. While we’re born into this world seeing the best in people and intuitively knowing how to love ourselves and others unconditionally and wholeheartedly, it’s a skill we are quickly […]

5 Reasons To Use A Foam Roller Everyday

The Foam Roller: Your New Frenemy When you’re tight on time and just fitting in a workout seems like cause for celebration, you should: a) celebrate your accomplishments (because fitting in fitness what with work, families, relationships, etc is damn hard and that shit deserves a celebration!) and b) squeeze in a few minutes each […]

Mind + Muscle: How Our Thoughts Affect Our Fitness

Connecting Mind + Muscle: How Your Brain Affects Your Body By Heather Dorak Our minds are our powerhouses. It’s what our whole existence revolves around. There are countless times you hear of people who love their bodies because they are happy or someone who is perfectly healthy until an emotional trauma has devastating physical costs. It is the power […]