Gym Hair: How To Maintain Your Blowout, Even Thru A Workout

Go From Workout To Work Without Washing Your Gym Hair! Here’s How… You always plan on getting to the gym each morning. And KNOW that the 30 minutes it takes to break a sweat, get your heart racing, boost your mood, and increase your energy, is well worth the effort. But then you think about your […]

3 Reasons To Workout Less

Are You Working Out Too Much? When it comes to fitness, more isn’t always more. Yes, exercise is essential for a healthy life, but over-doing it can actually do more harm than good. And when it comes to getting more fit, sometimes less really is more. Here are 3 reasons to workout less (and live […]

7 Fitness Myths, Busted!

Fitness Myths, Debunked! You’re trying to live your healthiest, happiest life – but are you falling for these 7 fitness myths? Sure, lots of people believe them, but that doesn’t make them fact. We have the scoop on the most popular fitness myths – and everything you need to know to outsmart them. 7 Fitness […]