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Kettlebell Tricep Exercises for Toned Arms

At Home Workouts: Kettlebell Tricep Exercises By Alexis Wolfer For many women, the triceps are the dreaded muscles that leave many of us abandoning our sleeveless shirts by the time we’re in our 40s, if not sooner.  Like bikinis, though, tank tops to not have an age limit (just ask Helen Mirren). Rather, we just need […]

How To Train For Your 1st Half-Marathon

A Complete Guide to Committing to, Training for, + Running Your 1st Half-Marathon By Savannah Hemmings Until you’ve run your first half-marathon, it’s hard to imagine running thirteen miles straight. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. We have faith in you, Beauty Beaners! Sure, it can be an intimidating goal. It seems impossibly long. And hard. […]

2 Exercises You Can Do Water Bottles

Get Fit With Water Bottles Stuck on vacation or work trip without a gym? Your workout plan doesn’t have to be limited to runs and squats. Instead, grab a few water bottles and get fit in the comfort of your hotel room with these exercises from fitness trainer Scott Herman. 2 Exercises You Can Do […]