3 Reasons To Workout Less

Are You Working Out Too Much? When it comes to fitness, more isn’t always more. Yes, exercise is essential for a healthy life, but over-doing it can actually do more harm than good. And when it comes to getting more fit, sometimes less really is more. Here are 3 reasons to workout less (and live […]

7 Fitness Myths, Busted!

Fitness Myths, Debunked! You’re trying to live your healthiest, happiest life – but are you falling for these 7 fitness myths? Sure, lots of people believe them, but that doesn’t make them fact. We have the scoop on the most popular fitness myths – and everything you need to know to outsmart them. 7 Fitness […]

Travel Tips: How To Pack For Fitness + Stay Fit On The Run

How To Pack For Fitness + Actually Workout When Traveling By Andrea Wise Traveling can definitely throw a wrench into anyone’s workout routine. Throw in the stress of family time or the calling of the beach/city/spa/whatever else is at your destination and, well, your usually on-point workout routine is likely to take a back seat. The solution is […]