Mind + Muscle: How Our Thoughts Affect Our Fitness

Connecting Mind + Muscle: How Your Brain Affects Your Body By Heather Dorak Our minds are our powerhouses. It’s what our whole existence revolves around. There are countless times you hear of people who love their bodies because they are happy or someone who is perfectly healthy until an emotional trauma has devastating physical costs. It is the power […]

5 Yoga Poses For Better Digestion

Bye-Bye Bloat, Hello… Bikram? Digestion not exactly your strong suit? Yeah, us either. When things get backed up, if you will, or if your body just isn’t quite as, uh, “regular” as you’d like it to be, NYC yoga expert and the founder of FireDragonYoga, April Martucci, has some yoga poses for improving and stimulating […]

3 Core Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

3 Ways To Work Your Abs at Work! By Alexis Wolfer You want a strong stomach (who doesn’t?) and know that a sturdy core is essential for protecting your lower back. Unfortunately, your job doesn’t really afford you the opportunity to work from plank-pose or conference while doing crunches. Luckily, you can still strengthen your […]