DIY PiYo (AKA Pilates + Yoga): 6 PiYo Exercises You Can Do At Home

Pilates + Yoga = PiYo, Plus 6 Exercises To Try Spend any time with group fitness novices and they’re apt to confuse pilates and yoga. Sure, both involve bare-feet, a mat, and manipulating your body, but well, that’s often where the similarities end. Where yoga typically focuses on flexibility and static holds punctuated by a push-up […]

Can You Get The Benefits Of A Workout In A Infrared Sauna?

Can An Infrared Sauna Replace Your Gym Membership? You know the benefits of consistent, challenging workouts: cardiovascular health, stress reduction, detoxification through sweat, and more. Yet so many of us don’t workout as often as we should because, well, we just don’t want to. Listen, we get it: exercise isn’t comfortable. As the saying goes, “if […]

Cryotherapy: The Coolest New Wellness Trend (Literally)

I Spent 2 Minutes In A Minus 250 Degree Chamber For Health + Beauty: My Cryotherapy Experience By Alexis Wolfer It’s 75-degrees in LA and I’m wearing a cashmere sweater. I tell you this not to give you fashion inspiration, but to help you gauge my body’s natural temperature. I run cold. And run from the […]