Yoga Gloves: Because Carrying A Yoga Mat Sucks

Props Athletics Yoga Gloves Will Replace Your Yoga Mat Planning a vacation and want to DIY your yoga routine on the go? Yeah, good luck packing that yoga mat – or lugging it around as its own carry-on bag. As if. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do yoga on the run. Similarly, if you’re so […]

Fitness Tips: How Much Water Should I Drink When Working Out?

Hydration Tips To Prevent Dangerous Dehydration & Deadly Over-Hydration When working out – especially when exercising intensely for a long period of time, like in a marathon – it can seem that when it comes to water, more is more. We’re constantly told of the dangers of dehydration – but what about the dangers of […]

Can You Get The Benefits Of A Workout In A Infrared Sauna?

Can An Infrared Sauna Replace Your Gym Membership? You know the benefits of consistent, challenging workouts: cardiovascular health, stress reduction, detoxification through sweat, and more. Yet so many of us don’t workout as often as we should because, well, we just don’t want to. Listen, we get it: exercise isn’t comfortable. As the saying goes, “if […]