3 Kundalini Yoga Secrets For Anti-Aging

Anti-Aging Yoga Secrets Looking for the fountain of youth? Sure, SPF and eye cream will help to fight the signs of aging, but, according to Kundalini yoga (and, well, science!) it’s not enough. Instead, we have to nourish our bodies inside and out. You may already exercise for its detoxifying benefits, load up on antioxidant-rich […]

Fitness Motivation: Fitness Icons Lorna Jane + Denise Austin Share Their Top Tips

Fitness Motivation Tips From Lorna Jane + Denise Austin You want to get healthier and exercise more? Don’t we all! Whether you prefer hitting the pavement or a fancy gym, every athlete (or wanna be athlete) needs fitness motivation (aka the occasional kick in the soon-to-be-taught-tush to stay on track). So, how and where, you wonder (or at least […]

Post-Workout Protein: 6 Vegetarian Ways To Refuel

The 6 Best Protein-Packed Foods To Eat After a Workout By Diana Zarowin After I finish a workout (whether it’s blindfolded yoga or a 24 minute full-body jumprope circuit ), I’m FAMISHED. Not wanting to undo all my hard work, though, I know how important it is to refuel my body with healthy, protein-packed food that will help my […]