Is Your Diet Ruining Your Teeth?!

Your Diet Could Be Destroying Your Teeth. Here’s What You Need To Know. We all know the basics namely: sugar is bad (hi, cavities!) and brush/floss daily. But after that, it all gets a bit muddy to how our diets affect our teeth – and what we can do about it. Are citrus fruits and tomatoes […]

The Ex-Dieter’s Guide to Enjoying Food, Guilt-Free

How To Stop Dieting + Start Enjoying Food: The Ex-Dieter’s Guide   By Lily Kay Do you have the ability to look at any item in your fridge or pantry and instantly know its calorie content and fat percentage? I do. It’s the hangover from years spent dieting and sometimes it drives me crazy! Sometimes I just […]

Beauty Bite: Grapefruit

Grapefruit: An Anti-Aging Powerhouse Oranges may get all the love this time of year for their cold-fighting benefits, but when it comes to anti-aging beauty foods, it’s time we get down with grapefruit. Packed with vitamins A and C, grapefruits are anti-aging powerhouses! While the vitamin C helps protect your skin from the environmental causes […]