4 Soon-To-Be-Must-Have Kitchen Staples

4 Kitchen Staples You Probably Haven’t Heard Of But Won’t Be Able To Live Without Think you’re kitchen is fully stocked. You. Have. No. Idea. We did too once upon a time, until we discovered these 5 game-changing kitchen staples and, well, our lives (or at least our grocery lists) were never the same again! […]

Vitamin D Overdose: Can You OD on Vitamin D?

Can You Get Too Much Vitamin D? By Diana Zarowin We all know that Vitamin D is essential. It helps regulate our blood, is involved in the absorption of calcium (key for forming and maintaining strong, healthy bones) and even helps prevent osteoporosis hypertension, autoimmune diseases and may even help prevent cancer! Many Americans, though, […]

Protein Shake Recipe: Almond & Banana Smoothie

Summer’s Supremely Delicious Protein Shake Recipe By Latham Thomas Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat or a post-workout snack, this protein packed smoothie will do the trick. With almonds (rich in vitamin E to help lower blood cholesterol levels), bananas (chock-full of potassium) and raw pumpkin seeds (a great source of magnesium, iron, copper, […]