Save Water, Mother Earth, + Your Hair With Pantene

Pantene Introduces The ShowerGlass Limited Edition to Help SoCal Residents Conserve Water If you live in California (like me!), you know all too well about the serious state of the drought up in here. For those of you not in what I think should be called the sunshine state (sorry, Florida!), let me lay it […]

Hair Treatment Pampers Your Strands: How to Give Yourself an Indian Oil Head Massage

Relaxing Hair Treatment For Healthier Hair By Hitha Palepu Indian women have relied on oil head massages for centuries to maintain strong hair, promote healthy scalps, and keep stress at bay. The combination of the conditioning oils and the intensified circulation from the massage leaves us with healthy, shiny locks and a relaxed state-of-mind.  While […]

5 Hair Woes, Solved: Conceal Roots, Boost Shine + More

Everything Your Hair Needs To Shine By Alix Turoff From fading color to dull ends to unsightly root growth, our hair can be a lot of work! Luckily, there are tons of amazing products out there that can help us keep our hair looking good, easily and inexpensively. Whether you have curly hair, an unhealthy […]