Insider Beauty Secret: How To Use Concealer To Get Thicker Eyelashes

Want Thicker Eyelashes? Try This! Think the key to thicker, fuller eyelashes is finding the perfect mascara? Sure, it coouuulllddd be (if you’re not using one of these, maybe you should!) but no matter your mascara formula or your wand’s brush, you can always up the ante… or now you can! So, how, you wonder, […]

8 Genius Uses For Lip Balm

Beauty Hacks: 8 Lip Balm Uses You’re Missing Out On! Have a pocketbook full of lip balm and just use them on your lips? Oh, girl, have we got something for you! Eight somethings, to be exact! There is oh, so much more you can do with all those lipsticks, chapsticks, balms you’ve been collecting all these […]

How To Get Darker, Fuller Lashes (Without Mascara!)

4 Mascara-Free Ways To Mega Lashes Want mega lashes without having to worry about applying mascara? Over the fear of your mascara flaking or running throughout the day? Wish you could wake up looking like you already had makeup on but, well, without actually wearing any makeup? Then darker, fuller, mascara-free lashes are just what […]