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Makeup Primer: 6 We’re Loving

Looking For A New Makeup Primer? Start Here! By Courtney Leiva Like a kick-ass dry shampoo, a good makeup primer is one of those lifesaving beauty staples that can prevent an unwanted makeup fail in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re looking for a makeup primer to prolong the lifespan of your makeup (do you can go from desk to […]

6 Summer Beauty Savers

Your Summer Beauty Survival Guide By Alix Turoff Sun and sand maybe your dream due, but that doesn’t mean they don’t leave you with summer beauty problems galore – AKA frizzy hair, chipped nails, and dry skin! And while they’re annoying, we’re not about to let them keep us from enjoying the summer. Lucky for […]

Eyebrows On Fleek: How To Fill In Your Brows, Naturally

How To Get Eyebrows On Fleek We’ve all seen brows go oh, so wrong. From over-plucked to seemingly magic-markered on, there are so many ways for brows to go bad. So how’s a gal to get eyebrows on fleek and ensure that her brows are on point at all times? We asked Emilia Berry an expert in eyebrow grooming […]