Eyebrows On Fleek: How To Fill In Your Brows, Naturally

How To Get Eyebrows On Fleek We’ve all seen brows go oh, so wrong. From over-plucked to seemingly magic-markered on, there are so many ways for brows to go bad. So how’s a gal to get eyebrows on fleek and ensure that her brows are on point at all times? We asked Emilia Berry an expert in eyebrow grooming […]

Coral Blush: Our 9 Best Picks

How To Pick The Best Coral Blush By Courtney Leiva Once summer rolls around, we’re all about sizzling and mouth-watering colors. Our go-to pick of the season you ask? It has to be coral blush, of course! Much like a charged up peach, coral blush can give your complexion that warm radiance you crave, no matter your skin type […]

Love Those Lips: 7 Lip Products For Your Every Need

The 7 Best Products For Your Lips’ Needs By Alix Turoff Some girls are big, bold lipstick wearers while others prefer a simple ChapStick. Well, we’ve tested ’em all (or so it seems like it!) and picked some favorites for whatever your lip product preference. If your lips need some serious TLC… Check out IT cosmetics CC Lip […]