Get Glowing Skin With These 15 Makeup Essentials

15 Makeup Hacks For Glowing Skin By Courtney Leiva A great skin care routine can definitely lead to glistening skin, but let’s be honest: we all don’t have access to 20 step product regimens, or happen to have a life-saving facialist on speed dial. So, when you feel like your exfoliating cleanser can only do […]

How To Nail Perfect Eyebrows

Get Perfect Eyebrows With These Tips By Becca Gregg You can’t deny it. Most of the time, when taken care of, they go unnoticed. However, when ignored and not maintained, they can be one of the first things people see. We’re talking about eyebrows, that is! From uni-brows to forests, over-plucking and even crazy scary arches, […]

Insider Beauty Secret: How To Use Concealer To Get Thicker Eyelashes

Want Thicker Eyelashes? Try This! Think the key to thicker, fuller eyelashes is finding the perfect mascara? Sure, it coouuulllddd be (if you’re not using one of these, maybe you should!) but no matter your mascara formula or your wand’s brush, you can always up the ante… or now you can! So, how, you wonder, […]