Cindy Crawford Turns 50, Makeup Free

Cindy Crawford + Makeup Free Mondays This weekend, the most super of supermodels honored her 50th birthday by posting this makeup free picture on Instagram, which, we couldn’t resist sharing in honor of Makeup Free Mondays. Because here’s the deal: whether you look like Cindy Crawford or not (sigh… and then celebrate your own unique beauty!), […]

5 Ways to Conceal Under-Eye Circles, Without Makeup

By Alexis Wolfer Across the globe, women are taking part in Makeup Free Mondays – and loving it. They’re fresh-faced, beautiful as ever and saving valuable time on Monday mornings! But what about those mornings after a later-than-usual Sunday night or a restless sleep when you’re plagued by under-eye circles, bags and puffiness? Do you […]

Barbie Without Makeup

The Iconic Doll Joins Makeup Free Mondays A photo posted to Imgur and attributed to artist Eddi Aguirre shows Barbie without makeup, a few freckles, a pimple and under-eye circles, making her, well, I’m not sure… Sure, she looks less attractive. (Or is this just because an overly sexualized and made-up Barbie has become the ingrained […]