Stress Tips: 7 Ways to Feel Instantly Calm

By Alexis Meads Sometimes I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Do you know the feeling? Today, life seems to be moving faster than ever. We all have demands and pressures including work, deadlines, our families, taking care of our bodies and the endless ping on our phone alerting us of […]

How To Find Happiness When You Don’t Know What Makes You Happy

By Amita Patel I recently had a client contact me wanting to attain “sustainable happiness,” a notion that’s been perpetuated by self-help books, crystal-pedaling hippies, and Prozac commercials.  Humans were not intended to be happy all the time.  Or to be sad all the time.  Or to watch more than one season of a show […]

From Overwhelmed to Whelmed: 5 Steps to Transform Anxiety

By Katie Dalebout With a to-do list a mile long, even when they’re all tiny tasks, added up they become a massive monster called overwhelm. If you try to do everything, you end up doing nothing but procrastinate and growing the list. In the midst of overwhelm, it seems easier to add new items to […]