The Self-care Manifesto

By Laura Harvey As women, we are programmed by society to leave ourselves last on our to-do lists, whether it is the name of family or relationships or work. Self-care is the first thing we all skip when life gets busy. I’m so guilty of going out with friends when I know I should stay […]

Holiday Survival: 6 Tips For Stress-Free Travel

Wedged somewhere between the bumper-to-bumper drive to the airport and peeling my ass off a seat (aka out of a sardine can) 5 hours later, I have a tendency to lose my sanity. All. Of. It. Throw in a snowmageddon, a sugar high (and crash) from airport candy, and a run in with an ex […]

Cinderella Never Asked For A Prince: Life Lessons From A Disney Princess

By Heather Regan There is so much to be learned from Cinderella— not only in finding a prince, but also in manifesting killer shoes, a pumpkin coach and a lesson in how to stick it to the mean girls without saying a word. Cinderella taught us powerful lessons in self love, having a positive attitude […]