10 Tips For Emotional + Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom + Emotional Wellness Made Easy Feeling stuck in a rat race? Emotionally drained and so far from financial freedom that just thinking about money makes your throat tighten? Let go of the stress-inducing hold money has on you with these 10 tips for emotional and financial freedom from Anna Lozano, Co-Founder of The Freedom Project, […]

10 Steps To A More Balanced Life

By Kelsea Brennan Balance: it’s a big buzzword and, in our opinion, for good reason. For many of us, balance is something we’ve either already lost or we’re in the process of losing. And while the short-term effects may not seem so problematic, (all work and no play can certainly help us get that promotion […]

New Year Resolutions: 14 Tips For A Happy, Centered, + Beautiful 2015

14 Awesome Women Share Their New Year Resolutions For A More Beautiful New Year If setting a New Year Resolutions stresses you out (often in an attempt to set a new year’s resolutions that’s designed to alleviate some sort of stress – counterproductive, we know!), we have you covered. We reached out to some of the […]