7 Reasons You’re STILL Not Happy

The Surprising Reasons You’re Not Happy You exercise, eat healthfully, have great friends, but you’re still not happy. Sounds familiar? Turns out many of us aren’t happy with our lives even though we think we’re doing everything “right.” To help us out of our rut and to find everlasting happiness, we asked happiness expert Valerie Groth (well, […]

GoddessScopes: Your Quarterly Horoscope

Your Horoscope For The Next 3 Months We’re halfway thru 2015 (crazy, right?!), which means it’s time to check in and reflect on where we’re at and where we want to go – and what better way to find grounding (or just provoke thinking!) than with a horoscope? For most of us, 2015 has been […]

How to Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Wellness Goals

Achieve All Your Wellness Goals + Stop Self-Sabotaging Are you your own worst enemy when it comes to self-care? Obvious news alert: most women are. Not because we don’t want to take care of ourselves and live our best, healthiest, and more beautiful lives, but rather because, well, life just seems to get in the way… Between […]