How To Survive (And Savor!) Thanksgiving As An Emotional Eater

How To Survive – And Thrive! – During Thanksgiving As An Emotional Eater By Kate Summers Tis the season for quality time with friends, family – and food. Lots and lots of food. The combination of socializing, stress and sugar can be a trifecta of anxiety for people who struggle with disordered and emotional eating. As […]

How to Love Your Body (Yep, Even the Wobbly Bits)

By Karen Rose My body and I have an unhealthy relationship. By which I mean that if my body was an actual person, I would have broken up with him. And burned his clothes. I don’t like my hips (too big), or my arms (too squishy), and I’ve noticed that I’m starting to get cellulite. […]

Is Your Brain Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals?

In Fitness, Your Brain Is A Terrible Boss By Alexis Wolfer Yesterday I was in Gina’s SoulCycle class when she said something that really stuck with me. “Your brain is a great employee – but a terrible boss,” she yelled out, encouraging us to let go of our doubts, fears, and insecurities and let our bodies […]