How to Appreciate Being Alone: Detaching Singleness From Worthiness

Why Being Alone Is A Good Thing By Brittany Jackson I used to want to be in a relationship more than anything.  I craved the idea of being loved, being cared for, being told I was beautiful, and worthy, and all of these fantastically romantic things.  Exiting high school and venturing into the realm of […]

How To Be Positive: 4 Steps To A More Optimistic Attitude

4 Ways to Get Through the Unwanted Tasks in Your Life with a Positive Attitude By Kacey Bradley While many of us lament that the media focuses too much on negative stories when the evening news, our online news feeds, and the radio seem chock full of stories of corruption, conflict, and catastrophe, as it turns out, […]

Why Feeling Horrible Is A Good Thing. (Or Can Be!)

Feel Your Emotions. Don’t Eat Them. Here’s Why. By Marina Yanay-Triner Are you drowning your emotions with food? Sure, sometimes comfort food is a good thing, eliciting memories of our childhood. But sometimes, it’s a way to numb the loneliness, pain, fear, guilt, and shame we may all experience at times. Whether your comfort food […]