Take Back Your Self Worth: My Journey To “Beautiful”

Join Me On The Road To Beauty + Self Worth By Teirra Kamolvattanavith Having grown up in a society that is extremely critical about appearances, I’ve always struggled to find beauty in my own reflection. As a child, I was so used to idolizing Barbie dolls and Disney Princess that I couldn’t help but strive to […]

From Burnt Out to Blissfully Balanced In 7 Easy Steps

By Kelly Lynn Adams Whether your are focusing on your career, starting a family, building a business or simply just living your life day to day we can all experience burnout. The demands that we put on ourselves (and the demands of others) along with our fast paced, technology driven world can cause anyone to […]

How To Get A Better Night Sleep

10 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep Struggle to fall and or stay asleep? Welcome to the not-at-all-desirable club where dues are paid in yawns, under-eye circles, and slower processing times. Ready to give up your membership and get the great night of sleep you deserve? Health coaches Michele Periquet & Firouze Zeroual have 10 tips to […]