Meditation for Beginners

How To Meditate: Meditation For Beginners By Alexandria Rose Rizik Meditation may be trendy right now (hi, MNDFL in NYC and Unplug in LA), but meditation has been around for thousands of years – and for good reason! Meditation is a state in which the mind is able to take a much-needed break, which everyone (yes, […]

From Burnt Out to Blissfully Balanced In 7 Easy Steps

By Kelly Lynn Adams Whether your are focusing on your career, starting a family, building a business or simply just living your life day to day we can all experience burnout. The demands that we put on ourselves (and the demands of others) along with our fast paced, technology driven world can cause anyone to […]

Information Overload: How To Disconnect From Technology & Reconnect With Life

Disconnect From Technology. Reconnect To Life. Here’s How. By Kelsea Brennan In the so-called “Information Age” we have the world at our fingertips. With computers, smart phones, ipads, you name it, you can access virtually anything, any time. While this access is remarkable, helpful and ‘how did we live without [fill in the blank] before?” […]