How To Be A Happy Morning Person: A 10 Step Routine

Happy Morning People Do These 10 Things If you think you’re just not a morning person, well, that’s about to change. Fine, you may not become a morning person, but we can certainly help you to have happier mornings (even if you’d rather be sleeping until noon). While this is not to discount that some people’s circadian rhythms (our […]

The Anxiety Project: Yoga + Anxiety

Finding Balance On The Mat: How Yoga Helped Heal My Anxiety By Alexandria Rose Rizik Numb limbs. Pounding heart. Suffocated breathing. Dizziness. You know what I am talking about if you are someone that suffers from anxiety. My anxiety began around the age of eighteen. An overwhelming feeling of stress that suddenly caused my arms […]

Aromatherapy: 3 Super-Easy Ways To Get The Benefits

How To DIY Aromatherapy, Easily Scent is arguably the most underrated and definitely one of our least appreciated senses. But scent isn’t merely about what we consciously smell, it’s also about the the way our brain perceives, processes, and responds to scent. In fact, certain scents can actually affect our brain waves, moods, and sleep cycles […]