6 Unexpected Things Messing Up Your Manicure

This Is Why Your Manicure Is Chipping – According To A Celeb Manicurist! Hate spending the money and time on a manicure only to have it chip a mere 2 days later? Sure, we know not to pick at our polish, to wear gloves when washing the dishes, and to keep our hands hydrated, yet […]

Feet SOS: Transform Winter Soles With This Exfoliating Pedicure Recipe

DIY Exfoliating Pedicure Recipe Ready to pull all your open toed shoes out from the depths of your closet only to realize your feet more closely resemble sand paper than human flesh? Well, you’re neither alone nor doomed. Rather, transform your winter-weathered feet from drab to fab with this exfoliating pedicure recipe from celeb manicurist and owner of […]

How To DIY Olivia Wilde’s Black + White French Manicure

DIY Olivia Wilde’s Black + White French Manicure Manicure maven Deborah Lippmann calls a French manicure with two colors other than pink and white a “duet.” But here’s the deal: whatever you call this black and white take on the classic French manicure is your business. Whether or not you can DIY it, well, that’s […]