6 Healthy Beauty Products: They’re Better For You + The Environment

Healthy Beauty: 6 Products That Are Healthier For You + The Environment Beauty may have a price, but it shouldn’t be on your health or the environment. Yet far too many of our beauty products are either bad for us, Mother Earth, or both. But they don’t have to be. Here are 6 healthy beauty […]

How To DIY A Matte, Negative-Space Manicure

The New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 Backstage Beauty Report: Matte Negative-Space Manicure   Designer: Marissa Webb Lead Manicurist: Miss Pop for OPI The Scoop: They created a matte navy nail look with a strip of negative space that was bold and strong with a feminine touch. How To DIY A Matte Negative-Space Manicure Start by applying OPI Natural […]

The Best Manicure Nail Tips from Beauty Bloggers

Want to know how those in the know keep their nails in tip-top shape? Yeah, us too. So, we asked some of the best beauty bloggers and beauty authors to tell us their best manicure tips… “I use prescription polish called Genadur. It helps fragile, peeling, splitting nails. Use it every night before you go […]