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4 Habits That Are Ruining Your Nail Health

Manicure Tips: 4 Ways To Ensure Better Nail Health You know not to bite your nails (you do know this, right?!) but did you know that your weekly manicure could actually be damaging your nails (depending on your cuticles are treated and  your nails are filed) or even that your diet could be leaving you with nail damage? To […]

How To Remove Gel Manicure At Home

Gel Manicure Tips: How To Remove ‘Em Without Damaging Your Nails   Gel manicures are (arguably, of course) the greatest thing to happen since, well, nail polish was invented. If you were either born with paper-thin nails or the unfortunate habit of jamming your fingers around every opportunity you have (we know, the keyboard does […]

6 Summer Beauty Savers

Your Summer Beauty Survival Guide By Alix Turoff Sun and sand maybe your dream due, but that doesn’t mean they don’t leave you with summer beauty problems galore – AKA frizzy hair, chipped nails, and dry skin! And while they’re annoying, we’re not about to let them keep us from enjoying the summer. Lucky for […]