The Self-care Manifesto

By Laura Harvey As women, we are programmed by society to leave ourselves last on our to-do lists, whether it is the name of family or relationships or work. Self-care is the first thing we all skip when life gets busy. I’m so guilty of going out with friends when I know I should stay […]

I Don’t Give a Fuck… Just Kidding, I Like Totally Do

By Laura Harvey I don’t give a fuck. Just kidding, I like totally do. Like probably more fucks than you do, but I don’t really know because maybe you give a lot of fucks too. I mean, you’re reading this, so the odds are good. Okay… I don’t give a fuck. But I also hope […]

Ovarian Cancer: Know More, Do Better, Shop Smarter

Come October 1st, everything is about to get pink-washed. You know what we mean: when you see the pink ribbon adorning package upon package everywhere from the grocery store to the department store indicating a connection (even if ever so slight) to breast cancer awareness and or research. While we’ll always support awareness of any […]