Why “You’ve Lost Weight” Isn’t A Compliment

Someone Else’s Weight Is None Of Your Business By Lu Uhrich “Wow! You look so good! You’ve lost weight!” “You must have dropped 20 pounds! You’re stunning!” “Are you getting skinnier? What’s your secret?” “How did you lose the baby weight so quickly? I’m jealous.” If you think that these comments are flattering, you aren’t […]

London Bans Ads Promoting “Unhealthy or Unrealistic” Body Images

London Commuters Will No Longer Be Subject To Body Confidence Crushing Ads Starting in July, commuters on London transportation will no longer be inundated with advertisements promoting unrealistic or unhealthy body ideals. Mayor Sadiq Khan is making good on his campaign promise to ban advertisements “likely to create body confidence issues, particularly among young people” from the […]

Bodyform Period Ad Actually Shows Women Bleeding

“No Blood Should Hold Us Back,” Says New Bodyform Period Ad By Alexis Wolfer The typical pad and/or tampon period ad goes something like this: woman in white (ALWAYS in white, ya know, because she’s so confident in her sanitary products keeping the blood off of her clothes) does some sort of activity no woman […]