The Ex-Dieter’s Guide to Enjoying Food, Guilt-Free

How To Stop Dieting + Start Enjoying Food: The Ex-Dieter’s Guide   By Lily Kay Do you have the ability to look at any item in your fridge or pantry and instantly know its calorie content and fat percentage? I do. It’s the hangover from years spent dieting and sometimes it drives me crazy! Sometimes I just […]

Banishing “Bikini Body” is Just the Beginning

Getting Rid Of “Bikini Body” Is A (Baby!) Step. We Have A Long Way To Go. By Natalia Mehlman Petrzela It is possible to narrate American history through shifting obsessions with women’s particular body parts. The nineteenth century, age of the corset, celebrated tiny waists. The 1950s — era of “I must, I must, increase my […]

Do THIS Naked. You’ll Be Happier.

Is Getting Naked The Key To Happiness? By Kyla Sokoll-Ward Ya know how kids are always naked – and happy about it? (Tell me I’m not the only one!) When did we get to a point that a woman feeling comfortable in her naked body was unusual? When did we start to feel ashamed of the way […]