Love Your Curly Hair, Build Confidence in Girls

Use Your Curly Hair To Help Build Confidence In Others It’s no secret confidence is a learned behavior. See the women in your life confidently owning their curves and curly hair and you will too. Instead, witness your mom obsessively watching her weight and straightening her hair and, well, you hear loud and clear that skinny and straight […]

The Self-care Manifesto

By Laura Harvey As women, we are programmed by society to leave ourselves last on our to-do lists, whether it is the name of family or relationships or work. Self-care is the first thing we all skip when life gets busy. I’m so guilty of going out with friends when I know I should stay […]

I Don’t Give a Fuck… Just Kidding, I Like Totally Do

By Laura Harvey I don’t give a fuck. Just kidding, I like totally do. Like probably more fucks than you do, but I don’t really know because maybe you give a lot of fucks too. I mean, you’re reading this, so the odds are good. Okay… I don’t give a fuck. But I also hope […]