SheaMoisture Launches Empowering Hair Movement

Hair Care Brand SheaMoisture Launches ‘What’s Normal?’ Campaign If we’re passionate about anything here at TheBeautyBean, it’s about challenging and changing beauty standards. (It’s why we launched an empowering women’s lifestyle site to begin with, and Makeup Free Mondays!) So when we heard that SheaMoisture was launching the part two of their #BreakTheWalls campaign, “What’s […]

Body Image & Confidence: How To Love Your Body Unconditionally

Struggling With Body Image + Confidence? This Is For You By Maggie Lyon Varadhan Is it possible to transform the way we relate to ourselves and speak to others about our bodies? How can we make these conversations fruitful? Talking about body image is loaded and important. But the conversation begs for re-imagining. Of course […]

I Didn’t Know I Had an Eating Disorder

Not Every Eating Disorder Is Easy To See By Brittany Jackson When I was younger, the word anorexia brought to mind the concept of not eating anything at all and adolescent girls in hospitals. Bulimia meant purging, making yourself physically sick. They seemed to have black or white definitions. They described a very specific (and seemingly obvious) type of […]