Take Back Your Self Worth: My Journey To “Beautiful”

Join Me On The Road To Beauty + Self Worth By Teirra Kamolvattanavith Having grown up in a society that is extremely critical about appearances, I’ve always struggled to find beauty in my own reflection. As a child, I was so used to idolizing Barbie dolls and Disney Princess that I couldn’t help but strive to […]

A Call For Self-Care

On Self-Care + Putting Yourself First By Laura Harvey Women are taught to prioritize their relationships. I have often felt that I would be nothing without my friends and family. These are the interactions that sustain, fulfill, and guide me. I would never be unkind to my friends. I would never put them down. I […]

Unscripted Beauty: Embrace, Celebrate and Share Life’s Real, Unscripted Moments

  AVEENO®’s Latest Campaign Celebrates Unscripted Beauty Nearly 75% of US women say that unscripted moments are more beautiful than those that are “perfectly” planned. We couldn’t agree more. It’s why here at TheBeautyBean we refuse to use Photoshop (we don’t even have photo-editing software on our computers!) and work hard to always celebrate women […]