Is Your Pubic Hair Wrong?

Pubic Hair: Why Every Option is Totally Awesome By Anna Maiden Pubic hair is disgusting. It’s dirty, gross and, frankly, embarrassing. I cannot believe you wore that bikini without getting a Brazilian first. Eugh. But how dare you laser your genitals and become a slave to the over-sexualized patriarchal standard through this act of supreme […]

In Defense of Delete: When Politics Isn’t Pretty

We have Real Problems Here, Updos Aren’t One Of ‘Em By Alexis Wolfer My inbox is overflowing with “Get The Look!!!!” emails (yes, they always include wayyyyy too many exclamation points), touting the steps you need (er, should?) follow to look just like your favorite red-carpet walking celebrity. And usually we run these DIY the celebrity look […]

What Do You Have To Lose?

I Will Not Stand Silent On The Sidelines Of The Wrong Side Of History. By Alexis Wolfer I’ve been largely silent since the election. Partly because I’ve been using my voice so damn much off of the internet that the words seem gone before I get to the computer type. Partly because, I tell myself, this […]