To Adam. From Eve.

Enough Of This Feminine Insatiable Hunger Stuff. Enough Of This Patriarchy. By Carly Wolfer To: Adam From: Eve And on the sixth day, God created all the land animals and humans. Among them was you. God created man. Yet, where am I in that? For, without women, there is no life. Without woman, we would […]

Finding Self Love, Even When Lost

From Anorexia To Self Love, A Journey With Alexa Silvaggio Mastering self-love – or even just self-confidence – is damn hard. If it weren’t, we’d all be walking around with our heads held high, shoulders back, chests puffed out. But we’re not. Too many of us shrink down, attempting to take up less space via diets […]

Gucci Ad Banned, Model Deemed Too Thin

Ad Banned For Promoting “Irresponsible” Thinness Yesterday, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned a Gucci advertisement featuring a “gaunt” model, calling one image “irresponsible.” And it’s a big deal. While the ad ran back in December – and one could argue that the damage of this particular image has likely already been done since ads rarely run for longer than […]