That Third-Wave, Though: Feminism + The Power To Be Yourself

By Laura Harvey Many people question or even deny the continued need for feminist activism. Women already have the right to vote, the right to own property, the right to abort an unwanted pregnancy. What more could they want? And perhaps this is true. Technically, on paper, I can do most anything I want—I have […]

Inspire, Explore, Empower, Play

Mary Kay Launches New Website, Embraces Sisterhood   It’s not often we cover new website launches because, well, there aren’t all that many websites out there that share TheBeautyBean’s overarching mission to empower. Mary Kay’s new microsite,, is one of those rare gems of a beauty website that’s all about girl power, sisterhood, inspiration, […]

Love Your Curly Hair, Build Confidence in Girls

Use Your Curly Hair To Help Build Confidence In Others It’s no secret confidence is a learned behavior. See the women in your life confidently owning their curves and curly hair and you will too. Instead, witness your mom obsessively watching her weight and straightening her hair and, well, you hear loud and clear that skinny and straight […]