Don’t Forget To Vote. It’s Your Right + Responsibility.

Vote For The Women Before You Who Couldn’t Hey Ladies, It’s election day and it’s not only your right to vote, it’s also your responsibility. It wasn’t long ago that women didn’t have that right. In fact, there are women alive today (your grandmothers, perhaps) who were alive when the thought of women having the […]

No, You Do NOT Need To Lighten Your Vulva

There’s A New Skin Lightening Cream Designed For Your Vagina. We Wish We Were Kidding. This was not part of TheBeautyBean’s “regularly scheduled programming” for this week, but, well, we just got an email asking us to review and cover a “skin whitening cream (mainly for intimate areas!)” and needed to vent. There is no reason – […]

SheaMoisture Launches Empowering Hair Movement

Hair Care Brand SheaMoisture Launches ‘What’s Normal?’ Campaign If we’re passionate about anything here at TheBeautyBean, it’s about challenging and changing beauty standards. (It’s why we launched an empowering women’s lifestyle site to begin with, and Makeup Free Mondays!) So when we heard that SheaMoisture was launching the part two of their #BreakTheWalls campaign, “What’s […]