DIY Pedicure Recipe: Homemade Lactic Acid Foot Bath + Sugar Scrub

Have feet that look drier than the Sahara? You’re not alone! As the weather continues to drop, it’s inevitable for our poor little feet to weather the effects (in the form of dry, cracked, yucky soles). With our flip-flops firmly stored until spring, though, splurging on a pedicure to heal those cracked heels is, well, […]

Witch Hazel: 5 Ways To Improve Your Complexion, Naturally + Cheaply

By Yancy Lael What would you say if I told you could enhance your skin’s natural glow with one simple product for under $10? Wondering what this inexpensive, multi-purpose beauty product could be? It’s simple: witch hazel! Unsure how to use it? Read on! 5 Ways To Improve Your Complexion With Witch Hazel 1. Tone.  Most […]

How To Prevent Halloween Makeup Breakouts: 4 Acne-Fighting Tips

Gearing up for an epic halloween costume?! (Tweet us your pics, we wanna see!) Before you commit to a full-face of halloween makeup, and simultaneously commit yourself to a full face of zits come November 1st, listen up… We have the tips you need to ensure your skin stays crystal clear post halloween makeup so […]