European Wax Center®: Where Summer Skin Rules

Few things zap our confidence quite like unwanted facial or body hair. Whether it’s stubbly legs, embarrassing bikini lines, or unsightly facial hair that get you down, it’s time to stop fretting and start flaunting that gorgeous hair-free skin of yours this summer. And, no, you don’t need to buy stock in razors or go […]

Clear Skin Tips: The Best Products To Banish Every Kind Of Blemish

How To Get Clear Skin STAT! From blackheads to cysts, angry pimples to small raised bumps, how’s a girl to know the best way to treat each and have clear skin (other than by continuing to read, of course!)? Sure, we have a bathroom full of anti-acne products ranging from scrubs to spot-treatments, salicylic acid […]

Detox Your Skin With Charcoal!

How To Detoxify Your Skin With Charcoal Beauty Products By Courtney Leiva Charcoal is one of nature’s most natural detoxifiers, so if you’re looking to remove some deep seated dirt or oil beneath your skin, adding some charcoal products to your beauty routine can give your skin that refreshing clean  feeling fast. Absorbing acne causing […]