Are You Washing Your Face Too Much, Causing Acne?

Is You Face Too Clean? By Yancy Lael The advice comes early on, for most of us – usually before we’ve even hit puberty: if you want healthy skin, wash it morning and night. That message is especially reinforced for those who struggle with oily, acne-prone skin. If you want to control the oil and […]

Dry Skin’s New BFF: Facial Mists

Facial Mists: Why You Want Them + Our Favorites! Whether your skin is dull, ashy, and dry by midday or shiny and oily, your skin is yelling out for hydration. (Yes, your oily afternoon sheen is actually your body trying to compensate for your dryness!) Sure, you could start chugging gallons of water per day […]

DIY Face Mask For Dry Skin

Dry Skin Got You Down? DIY It! If the change in seasons has your dry skin fighting for a flight to warmer lands in the only way it knows how (dryness, dullness, more fine lines/wrinkles, breakouts, and more!), have no fear, DIY is here! Whether your skin is already Sahara-like or just on it’s way […]