DIY Fresh Apricot Honey Facial Mask

Skin Healing Fresh Apricot Honey Facial Mask From Etta + Billie Founder Alana Rivera Some beauty products are far easier to buy than to make. Others are much more effective when they’re made at home or are too perishable to be sold in stores. We’re obsessed with the best of each. When it comes to our favorite store […]

Move Over Eye Cream… There Are New Players In Town

Should You Replace Your Eye Cream With An Eye Gel, Eye Oil, or Eye Serum? An eye moisturizer is (or should be!) a core product in your anti-aging arsenal. Your eyes are, after all, the windows to your soul age. But as the weather warms up and you lighten up the rest of your skincare routine, […]

How To Pick Deodorant Based On Your Astrological Sign

The Best Deodorant For You, Based On Your Horoscope! Buying a new deodorant may seem pretty mindless. Maybe you have brand loyalty. Perhaps you only look at price. Potentially you open up every deodorant on the shelf and take a whiff to find your perfect scent (just us?!). But what if buying deodorant were ruled […]