What Is Micro Needling? Tips, Tricks + More!

Micro Needling: Are Tiny Needles The Real Fountain Of Youth? By Courtney Leiva We’ve seen some weird beauty treatments since we started TheBeautyBean, (hiya elephant shit facials). So we weren’t entirely shocked to see the latest skincare trend – micro needling – pop up. “Micro WHAT?!” you ask? The 411 on Micro Needling Micro needling: a […]

Dry Hands: 9 Nourishing Hand & Body Lotions For Softer Skin

9 Fabulous Solutions For Dry Hands By Courtney Leiva Dry hands can seem inevitable as the temperatures drop, the air is sucked dry, and as we start washing our hands more frequently (in a desperate attempt to avoid the flu half your office is bound to come down with). But – thankfully! – they’re not. Well, not if you […]

Pumpkin Beauty: 9 Year-Round Ways We Love Pumpkin

9 Reasons To Add Pumpkin To Your Beauty Routine By Courtney Leiva Come every fall, comes the never-ending obsession with pumpkin spiced everything. Sure brands everywhere have gone a little overboard with the lattes and the foods (dare we say pumpkin spice Pringles?), but when it comes to beauty, pumpkin is never misplaces. So, whether […]