How To Pick Deodorant Based On Your Astrological Sign

The Best Deodorant For You, Based On Your Horoscope! Buying a new deodorant may seem pretty mindless. Maybe you have brand loyalty. Perhaps you only look at price. Potentially you open up every deodorant on the shelf and take a whiff to find your perfect scent (just us?!). But what if buying deodorant were ruled […]

4 DIY Remedies For Sunburnt Skin, From A Doctor

How To Soothe Sunburnt Summer Skin As the weather warms up and you start to peel off the layers and expose your formerly pasty skin to summer’s intoxicating sunshine, you risk the dreaded consequences of summer: irritated, sunburnt, dry, itchy, peeling, and otherwise uncomfortable skin. Before you reach for that mystery bottle of blue/green gel called […]

8 Makeup-Free Ways To Get Radiant Skin

Move Over Makeup, Radiant Skin Is A Job For Us! By Courtney Leiva Eating right and drinking lots of water will definitely promote a gorgeous glow, but when you need a quick fix for your dull complexion, it’s all about picking the right products to get that gorgeous glow in a rush! Sure, an arsenal full of highlighters and […]