Ali Fedotowsky On Real Beauty, Judging Miss USA 2012, and why Ivanka Trump and Sheryl Sandberg are her Beauty Icons

By Diana Zarowin

From her time starring on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to her current position on NBC’s 1st Look, Ali Fedotowsky embodies true beauty in all aspects of her life. Read on for more about Ali’s beauty must-haves, why she would never do a juice cleanse, and life lessons she learned from The Bachelorette experience.

Ali Fedotowsky: On Real Beauty (And Oh, So Much More)

So, what’s new with you?!  I’m good! Right now, I’m working on my show, 1st Look. I travel pretty much constantly. Usually, for my show, we travel between New York, Chicago and LA the most, but I’m going to Austin, Texas, too. It’s pretty crazy… I never fully unpack my suitcase because every five days I’m on an airplane going somewhere, a different city! And on top of that, I’m in the middle of moving and my apartment is filled with boxes..but I’m good!

Since you do travel a lot, what kind of beauty routine do you stick with, always on-the-go?  I would say the biggest one, especially because of the weather change every time I travel – the weather really has affected my skin- [is] moisturizer! I have to have moisturizer! One for my face and one for my body.

How do you define beauty?  For me, beauty is being independent. I feel most beautiful when I feel like I’m accomplishing things in my life and being independent. For the first time in my life, I finally define myself by my independence and my success and what I’m doing with my life and because of that I feel more beautiful and in control. Having that sense of self is the most beautiful thing in the world. Not only for me, internally, but it also shows on the outside. And when you’re confident, other people find you to be more beautiful.

What’s is the makeup must-have in your makeup bag right now? I’m obsessed with lashes – to me if you have good skin and have lashes, your makeup is done. That’s all I’ve ever cared about! All I want is nice skin and eyelashes! Having a mascara with a lengthener in it… is a big MUST-HAVE! When you get the right one, it’s almost like you have fake lashes on!

We have to ask…how do you keep your skin looking so great on TV?!  For me, it’s really about not putting products on my face that are oily – my problem is that I have oily skin. I avoid products that will create shine on my skin – so I use a good powder or a powder-based foundation. I don’t use liquid because it makes me look oily and shiny.

What do you eat for beauty?  I am always on- the- go. I have no interest in doing a juice cleanse, but sometimes I’ll get those cleanses and drink one juice in place of a snack…getting in a kale juice with like a pound of kale but a little bit of apples to sweeten it up…that’s probably how I get a lot of my nutrition! I’m not exactly sitting at home and eating kale salads! I get these juices that are a punch of getting all those vitamins in without having to eat 20 salads.

How do you fit fitness into your uber busy schedule?  I used to hate it when people said what I’m about to say,so forgive me, but let me explain! I don’t work out, I don’t have time. It’s terrible. Does it mean I’m unhealthy? No, not necessarily. I don’t go to the gym because we’re shooting for my show everyday. I really shoot every single day and days when I’m not filming, I’m traveling. I have maybe one day off a month at home, doing errands and getting stuff done. I really don’t have time to work out. But, I’m always walking around! When I’m in New York and I have errands to run, I won’t take a cab, I’ll walk to all the places I run errands. It’s like my down time is in between my errands- I really try to walk everywhere as much as possible. I spend my time walking to do an errand. I can listen to music, it’s more relaxing. I really try to incorporate my exercise into getting other things. The sole purpose is not just to exercise. It’s the little things. If I have a day off, I’ll put my sneakers on when I wake up in the morning, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It’s really those little tiny things that work for me.

How did being on The Bachelor make you feel about beauty and beauty ideals?  I think if anything, being on The Bachelor strengthened my views that you don’t have to look like a supermodel to be beautiful. I never really cared about looks, but the very first night [on the show] I saw all the girls and was like what’d I get myself into, screw this I’m going home I won’t make it! And I didn’t get sent home! It was me being me and that person and my personality won out over me being prettier than the girl next to me. That honestly helped me and reinforced my idea that you don’t have to be this gorgeous size 2 model to get a guy’s attention. The fact that now I’m hosting my own show and have been able to be successful also strengthens my idea that you don’t have to look like a perfect little petite Barbie doll to be in Hollywood. You don’t need to be a size 2 and 95 lbs. I’m tall so I weigh a little bit more, and I have an athletic build! You don’t have to be that small size to have anything in this industry. [The experience] made me more confident in who I am.

What did you learn from being on The Bachelorette?  One, I learned that it’s okay if it doesn’t work out. The chances of you meeting someone you’ll spend rest of life with [on the show] is so small. I was hard on myself for my relationship on the show not working out and put so much pressure on myself to make it work out. I wish I hadn’t done that. Two, I learned to trust myself more and my gut and what I think is right. I think too many people stay in relationships for longer than they should because they think they can turn things around and make it work. Three, I learned that when you meet the person you’re supposed to spend rest of your life with, it’s not supposed to be that hard. Unless you’re married and settled down with that next chapter of your life, in the beginning, it should just flow. When they do work out, that’s really the special thing. Like Ashley and JP – they’re a phenomenal couple, I look to them and hope to find what they have found. And Trista and Ryan – they got lucky, and they say that all the time. Just because you’re on the show doesn’t mean there’s some cosmic power. That’s the exception not the rule.

We’re so curious, what was it like judging Miss USA 2012? Gosh that was an insane experience! It’s always difficult to look at a bunch of women and judge them on beauty. That can obviously be a little uncomfortable at times. As I mentioned, for me beauty has a lot to do with confidence, how you perceive yourself and portray your beauty. Olivia, who we ended up giving the Miss USA title to, she then went on to get Miss Universe- so happy for her! I looked at her and said that’s a confident, beautiful woman, who even when she spoke, someone I would have been happy to have had as a role model when Iw as younger or if I have  a daughter, I’d want her to be a role model. Yes, they’re a little too skinny… [but] it is what it is! She seemed extremely confident and someone that I wouldn’t mind if my little girl would look up to someday!

Who are your beauty icons?  I have two! Ivanka Trump! I just look at her – she’s physically beautiful, and she also doesn’t take that beauty and sexualize it! I think it’s hard for people who are in the public eye to get that. She carries herself so well. She’s so stunningly sexy, but in a very sophisticated way, and I think that’s hard to pull off. She is just very intelligent and gets involved with political issues, and is very successful in business. There are so many reasons to look up to her as a beauty icon – she just embodies what beauty is. And, Sheryl Sandberg! I used to work at Facebook and she called me when I decided to the do The Bachelorette– she sat down with me and said this is an incredible opportunity for you– I really hope you can embody strong, empowerment for all young girls watching—that they don’t have to sit back and let the man do everything or they have to sexualize themselves to be accepted in this culture and society. She sat me down and taught me so much, and inspired me, and to this day inspires me with the decisions I made professionally. I really owe that to Sheryl, even before the show – she is a strong, successful woman, someone who I aspire to be like.

Photo Credit: David Lawrence

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