By Diana Zarowin

It’s been a little while since The Hills was on TV, but that hasn’t stopped Audrina Patridge from continuing to shine!

Here at The Beauty Bean, we sat down with the gorgeous brunette to talk Real Beauty.

From her 2013 projects, which include a second year as brand ambassador of Curve Appeal as well as a new calendar, to how she eats for beauty (and who wouldn’t want to read about her healthy habits?!), we’ve got it all here just for you!

How do you define beauty? Beauty comes from within. You can be wearing sweats and a T-shirt and be natural with not a lot of makeup on and not super done up and if you feel confident and secure from within, it’ll shine through. Whatever energy you put out there, it will attract people. Beauty isn’t just about how you look all the time, it’s also about what you feel inside.

So, tell us: what beauty products are in your makeup bag right now? I’m really obsessed with Cle de Peau – I use their foundation and concealer, Chanel powder, LORAC liquid eyeliner which is super easy to use, and  L’Oreal Mascara –  I feel like it works the best and it’s affordable. I try to mix it up every couple months so my skin doesn’t get used to one thing.

Coming off of that, how do you prep for a night out?  I usually put my iPod on and blast music and usually I can get ready within 30-45 minutes. I take a shower, blow-dry hair, curl it, do my makeup. As long as I know what I’m wearing, I can get ready super fast because hair and makeup is really easy for me. But, finding an outfit: my room will become a disaster of clothes everywhere!

Do you have any DIY beauty secrets using food? I put egg whites on my face as a little facial – it tightens pores and strengthens skin. I do that every now and then. My aunt taught me that when I was in high school and I carried it on. When the egg whites dry, it gets [kind of] tight and gross but it make your skin glow!

So, we’re all wondering…what do you eat for beauty?! If you’re eatng healthy and drinking lots of water your skin is really going to glow. I make a smoothie every other day in the morning— I use greek yogurt, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, cranberry juice, spinach or kale, apples, maybe a blood orange … I like to mix it up [with these ingredients] because I don’t like making the same thing every day. I love fish, love salmon, I’m obsessed with vegetables and eat them all the time! I have a healthy way of eating, I always have, but I do indulge every now and then, though. And, then also taking vitamins —[I take] fish oil, multivitamin, a B-complex every day.

Who is your beauty icon?  I love Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford. Kate Moss has an effortless look, it doesn’t look like she spent hours getting ready. She [looks like she] just threw on some cute clothes, a bit of makeup and pushed up her hair, put some hairspray in and walks out the door and looks put together. That’s what I really like! Cindy Crawford is naturally beautiful- for her age, she looks SO good! I use her beauty products [Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty] every now and then and I really like them a lot.

Still need a calendar for 2013? Adriana Patridge’s 2013 calendar was shot by photographer Willy Camden.

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