Ask a woman which Sex and the City character she is and she’ll immediately have an answer (albeit sometimes a detailed analysis rather than a single character association, but nevertheless an answer). And she’ll sure as hell know what you’re talking about. Whether you remember the series premiere of the groundbreaking show that brought 4 single, sexual and spectacular women into our living rooms or have been catching up on the DVDs, as modern women we’ve all be affected by Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha – and not just in an “I now spend more on shoes than rent” kind of way. Rather, it was through Candace Bushnell’s characters that many of us came to understand the power of friendship, the empowerment of sexuality and the independence of single women everywhere. And for that we are eternally grateful to the brilliant mind behind the life-changing and empowerment-affirming Real Beauty, Candace Bushnell.

So, we sat down with Candace Bushnell and asked her to weigh in on Real Beauty

What do you think makes someone beautiful?
On screen or in a photograph it’s skin-deep…In person, it’s always personality.

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How does writing about women, especially such seemingly confident women in Sex and the City, affect your perception of beauty?
There are women other women think are beautiful and women men think are beautiful. I always think it’s better to be one of the former.

How do you deal with the pressure for body perfection in our culture?
You should simply try to have the healthiest body you can.

If you could give your younger self advice about beauty, what would it be?
Enjoy it.

Who are your beauty role models?
I don’t have any. My advice is to try not to compare your looks to others. Do the best with what you’ve got.

How to tap into a deeper beauty!

What is your one, can’t-live-without-it beauty product?
Chapstick. Also, almond oil is supposed to be very good for the skin.

If you could share one tip with women and girls struggling to appreciate their own beauty, what would it be?
Be healthy. Eat right and exercise.

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