Daytime TV junkies may know Denise Vasi best as Randi Morgan on ABC’s All My Children, but even the non-soap-opera fans among us should take note: Denise is a Real Beauty and a “Top Woman to Watch” – if for no other reason than as an example of the power of living your dream and taking chances. (Although there are clearly more reasons than just that!)

With early modeling successes, numerous TV appearances, movie roles and music video appearances, the Brooklyn, NY native is making her mark, and we’re taking note. But it’s her off screen passions that really have us sold. Believing service to be our worldly duty, Denise co-chaired and produced the 1st annual event for Caron Renaissance (the pioneer of new advances in addiction treatment), raising more than $100,000 – and did so again this year as well.

Attributing her strength to her mother, Denise says, “I’m not scared to get up and say, Okay, I’m going to do something completely different today.  And if I fall, I know I’ll find some way to pick myself up and start all over again.” If you need a 2011 New Year’s resolution, perhaps this should be it.

We sat down with Denise Vasi and asked her to weigh in on Real Beauty.

What do you think makes someone beautiful?
Humility. ‎”Modest humility is beauty’s crown.” ~ Johann Christoff Friedrich von Schiller

Why being you is sexy!

When do you feel most beautiful?
When I’m laughing.

How do you deal with the pressure for body perfection in our culture?
I don’t acknowledge it. It’s my body so the only standards I need to meet are my own. I remain true to myself and my wants. It’s important to have balance with everything in life. So I balance my LOVE for food with interesting ways of exercise. Yoga, pole dancing classes and, my absolute favorite, Core Fusion. They have studios in all major cities, so I’m able to take classes even when I’m traveling.

Travel a lot? Read this to get there gorgeously!

If you could give your younger self advice about beauty, what would it be?
Less is more! AND brown eyeliner is not a substitution for lip liner!!!

What’s your one, can’t-live-without-it beauty product?
Tie between hand lotion and Chapstick. Dry hands and dry lips are just not acceptable.

Who is your beauty role model?
My grandmother! Beautiful inside and out.

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