If you love a crime drama as much as we do, you’re likely already a fan of CSI superstar Eva La Rue. If not, well, you should be! Eva, though, is more than just a talented actress on the hit television series, “CSI: Miami.” Rather, Eva is also a stunning red carpet staple, the mother of a 9-year-old daughter and a Real Beauty. In partnership with Crest & Oral-B Complete, Eva spoke with us about body image, family, her must have beauty products – and Real Beauty!

Eva La Rue weighs in on Real Beauty

What do you think makes someone most beautiful?
Beauty is something you must find on the inside. We can dress well, paint our faces and do our hair to the nines but if the inside does not shine through with kindness, compassion and love then beauty does not exist. We all want to look great and present ourselves in the best possible way but it is true that beauty is only skin deep.

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When do you feel the most beautiful?
I think I feel the most beautiful when I am at home with my husband, daughter, family and friends and we are all happy and healthy, and enjoying each other’s company. On those occasions, not only do I feel beautiful but I also feel like my whole life is beautiful. On the more superficial end, I feel beautiful when I am having a good hair day and I am wearing a new pair of shoes!

Being in the spotlight, how do you deal with the pressure for “perfect”?
Oh gosh. No matter how long I have been in the spotlight, you never get used to having to look “perfect.” I do my best to look great when I get on that red carpet and pose for the cameras. At one point, I guess I just realized that it is what it is and no matter how great you think you look someone is going to criticize. You can’t avoid it, so after a while you just ignore it.

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What are your top 3 must-have beauty products?
One of my favorite must-have products is Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening + Deep Clean toothpaste from the new Crest & Oral-B Complete Collection. This product is perfect for a busy mom like me because I can actually feel it working, which allows me to go about my day with confidence. Another one of my must-have beauty products is Oscar Blondie’s dry shampoo! It’s my ultimate time saving beauty tip – dry shampoo. With no water or blow-dryer required, it leaves my hair feeling and smelling fresh with no fuss, in no time. Finally, my biggest beauty secret just so happens to be free; it’s sleep! While it is the toughest thing to get, sleep is also the most important. I recommend at least 8 hours a night to be fully charged for the day ahead.

What’s 1 thing you wish you had known when you were younger?
When I was rushing around trying to get that next job in Hollywood and thinking that work was the most important thing, I wish I had known that life is really short and it goes by so fast. After having my daughter, I realized this very quickly. It seems like she was a baby just yesterday and now she is 9 1/2. I wish I had known years ago that you need to slow down and celebrate each day. I wish I had known to stop for the little perfect moments and be thankful and appreciative of the life you have, and the people you love. This is what I do now!

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