Olympic Snowboarder Hannah Terer Opens Up About Fitness, Body Image & Mother Theresa

As one of the most successful female snowboarders of all time, (yup, she’s won every major snowboarding event over the course of her career!), Hannah Teter is already pretty impressive when it comes to being a role model and Real Beauty. But what really sets her apart is the fact that she’s one of the most generous women we know. Not only does Hannah Teter use her influence and passion to bring awareness to social issues around the world, but also she donates all of her competition winnings to charitable efforts, has started multiple charities of her own including Hannah’s Gold, a non-profit committed to providing funding for the town of Kirindon in Kenya and Sweet Cheeks Panties, an underwear line that provides support for Children International to help feed impoverished children across the globe. Now that’s a Real Beauty.

We asked Hannah Teter to weigh in on Real Beauty

I feel most beautiful when… I’m surrounded by my friends and family. I also feel beautiful with a natural tan.

I deal with the pressure for body “perfection” by… keeping myself in shape, but not letting it get to me. I enjoy eating healthy, organic and keeping myself in shape, but I can’t get stressed out if I slip up a bit.

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Being an athlete affects how I feel about my body by… As a female athlete, I’m not as focused on being thin, but I strive to be strong and healthy overall. To me, it is more important than fitting into a pair of skinny jeans.

I stay fit by… My workouts during the off-season consist of slack lining, surfing, and biking. It’s important for me to have a combination of strength, especially core strength, and balancing skills. During the winter, I’ll snowboard everyday (pretty much) and I have recently started incorporating Ashtanga yoga into my routine. It keeps me mentally and physically strong. Nutrition is also key to fitness and health.  Eating organic is vital these days.

My Olympic beauty routine is… simple. Great face wash (so I’m not self-conscious during photo opps) – right now I’m using Clearasil PerfectaWash – love it!  Tinted moisturizer – instantly makes me feel put together, and a great tinted lip balm. Dr. Hauschka makes a great one.

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The women I most admire are… Changing the world with the little things…the ones like you and me. I greatly admire Mother Theresa. She’s one of the most inspiring women of our time.

If I could give young women a piece of advice, it would be… focus on the good things, less stress, more laughter!

For girls struggling with confidence, I say… visualizing is the most important ingredient in the success recipe. If you can stay confident in your mind, the manifestation of a good outcome is greatly increased.

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