She may be best known for her fashion interventions as the host of the hit Emmy-nominated television program How Do I Look?, but Jeannie Mai is less about the external makeover that seems to rule the show than she is about empowering women to discover their Real Beauty, rise above their insecurities and use fashion to bolster their self confidence.

We sat down with Jeannie Mai and asked her to weigh in on Real Beauty

I think beauty is… being selfless.

I feel most beautiful when… I am wearing something that representss my personality.

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I deal with the pressure for body “perfection” in the fashion industry by…. completely ignoring them and enjoying delightful ways to indulge (like with Yoplait Light!)

My 3 cannot-live-without-them beauty products are… number one makeup remover, oh my gosh, Noxzema Makeup Removal Wipes are really minty for a super fresh spa-like feel after every wipe and they moisturize. I love false lashes, they’re so flirty and a necessity. And number 3 would have to be a good book – I know that sounds weird – but I feel beautiful when I ingest knowledge-enriching books, like The Five Love Languages – I absolutely love it, everyone should read it to understand their relationships better!

My pre-event routine consists of… playing some fun girl-power music to get me in the mood, packing some healthy snacks to make sure I don’t nosh on unhealthy things and a pair of foldable flats for sure.

The women I most admire are… Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, and my mom!

If I could give young women a piece of advice, it would be… listen to that tiny intimidated voice inside of you and teach it to speak louder – we all have it in us.

My dreams for the future are… to empower every single woman – friend, family or stranger that I pass in my life.

The one lesson I try to remind myself of is… you can’t do it alone.

I wish more women would… see themselves as unique as they are.

I wish I could… have more hours in a day! I get bummed when I have to go to bed.

My favorite body part of mine is… my smile!

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I hate my… mind whenever it says I can’t.

The one style tip I swear by is… to break fashion rules.

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If I could only keep 3 items in my closet, they would be…a pair of flasses, which are fake glasses, which don’t have a purpose but are so sexy; my fluorescent green tank top and my wedding ring.

I feel most confident when… I can look in the mirror and see myself as gorgeous without anything on.

My celebrity crush is… Ryan Gosling – or actually Dr. Drew all the way!

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