As any fan of The Real Housewives of New York knows, Jill Zarin is one of the most successful and requested reality television stars. She appears regularly on talk shows where she talks about everything from politics to style, has two fashionable product lines (“Jill Zarin Home” bedding and body shapewear “Skweez Couture by Jill Zarin”), is the co-author of Secrets of a Jewish Mother and co-owns Zarin Fabric Warehouse with her husband, Bobby. Beyond her professional successes, however, Jill Zarin is also a dedicated mother to daughter Allyson and her Chihuahua Ginger. But, more than all of this, she is great role model for aspiring female entrepreneurs and a Real Beauty.

We sat down with Jill Zarin to talk about Real Beauty

What does it mean to be beautiful?
Felling good about yourself inside and out. 

When do you feel most beautiful?
Anytime I’m with my Bobby. 

Being in the media, how do you deal with the pressure for body perfection?
I do pilates. This helps me feel and look great. It’s a miracle. I also eat as healthy as I can.

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How has being on The Real Housewives of New York changed how you feel about your body and yourself?
It definitely shows all of your flaws and imperfections physically and personally. I do my best to change and improve whenever I see something I don’t like about myself. 

If you could give your younger self advice about beauty, what would it be?
That what matters is how you feel about yourself. Also take as good of care of yourself as possible. Physical beauty only lasts for so long, you have to have inner beauty to truly be radiant.

What do you hope your daughter has learned from you about confidence and beauty?
I want Ally to be healthy and happy and I want her to look in the mirror every morning and love herself.

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What’s your one, can’t-live-without-it beauty product?
Skin care products and Skweez Couture!

Who is your beauty role model?
My mother, Gloria.

What’s your #1 secret of a Jewish mom?
Family is the most important thing in your life. 

Where do you hope to be in 1 year? 5 years? 15 years?
To have my brand be successful and continue to love my friends & family the best I can. I would love to be a grandmother someday!

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