He’s the creative director of Elle and the man behind the Host of Sundance Channel’s original series All On The Line With Joe Zee, but mostlyJoe Zee the man who writes the fashion rules we come to live by – thankfully, though, he’s not a stickler when it comes to following them…

Joe Zee: 5 Style Rules From The Man Who Wrote Them

Embrace the black cherry lip. I’m really excited about the black cherry lip again. I have a friend who used to wear it and would look back on pictures and think she looked like Beetle Juice and we’ve been taking about bringing it back and now I’m so glad it is.

Stick with a skincare routine. Oh my god I have the best dermatologist, Dr. Dennis Gross. I use his products and I am not a product guy but when I went to go see him he gave me his Alpha Beta Daily Face Peels that are individually packaged (perfect for when I travel) and this Vitamin C Serum thing and that’s the one thing that I swear by. When I get lazy and stop I see my skin getting bad again and start again!

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Be you. There is no bad taste. Embrace who you are. If you love it and love who you are own it. sometimes I get sad at the red carpet because women look so safe and – I’m older than some – but I remember the times when Cher wore that crazy Bob Mackie look or Kim Basinger with a homemade gown… those are the looks that become iconic.

Don’t get too trendy. Women want to wear trends too much. They think they have to wear it because that’s what’s going on, but embrace your personal style and what works for you. I know women who only wear pants because they like it and I love that. Or my assistant I always joke with because sometimes she looks like she can be a part of Salt N’ Peppa… but she’s young and it works. And the fact is, she’s never going to look like Kim Kardashian and that’s okay. We don’t all have to squeeze into a mold. Embrace your personal style.

Ditch the plan. I was such a smart aleck when I was a kid – at 12 I was like I’m going to do this and I’m going to write a book (and I never did) and now I know not to set such defined paths. When I was younger I would be disappointed when I set a plan and it didn’t work out but now I don’t have those expectations. I have ideas, but they’re loose and it leads to more inspired, unexpected destinations. And that’s what I try to tell all the guests on the show. They all have a rigid idea of if I want to be here – in Neimans or Barneys or Saks or wherever – then I have to do this. And I think, ‘who wrote this rule book?!’ You get in your head and it’s so structured and that’s why it hasn’t worked. Lets step back and look for a new point of view.

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