She’s currently starring in ABC Family’s Make It Or Break It – after a run on Hannah Montana – making Josie Loren a full-blown teen role model. So, what does the rising star think about Real Beauty? Well, we sat down to find out!

Josie Loren: On Real Beauty

I think beauty is… what people see when an individual has come to truly love and appreciate them self for everything that makes them unique.

I feel most beautiful when… I have just had a nice, long bath, moisturized with my favorite body butter, spritzed myself with some lavender, and slipped into cozy sweats.

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I deal with the pressure for body “perfection” by… living a healthy lifestyle with the food choices I make and exercising on a regular basis BUT still treating myself. I always say, “everything in moderation!” If I feel good about the way I’m living my life, then the pressure melts away. I’m happy.

Being on TV makes me feel… blessed that I have been so lucky and fortunate to make my living off of my greatest passion.

My 3 cannot-live-without-them beauty products are… oil blot pads, makeup remover, concealer.

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My pre-event routine consists of… drinking lots of water, shaving, singing in the shower, and moisturizing!

The women I most admire are… those that can do it all – dominate their career, be the best mother, wife, sister, friend anyone can ask for, and still feel connected and happy with themselves. I just described my mom.

If I could give young women a piece of advice, it would be… stay true to yourselves. The real, honest, true you will never lead you astray or let you down.

I wish more women would… support one another. Unfortunately, I often see that women hurt one another more than they help one another. We’re in this together and there is power in numbers.

I wish I could… give every child an equal opportunity at a stellar education. Not everybody is born into a family that has the means to put them in schools that will give them a chance at success. As an active member of School On Wheels, where I tutor homeless children, I see how very important a good education is nowadays. It can change lives as it did mine. I wish I could give others the same opportunity.

The one style tip I swear by is… a fabulous pair of heels will fix any outfit!

If I could only keep 3 items in my closet, they would be… my Sam Edelman suede booties, leather jacket, and my UCLA sweatshirt I’ve had since my freshman year, which was my first year in LA. I have too many memories that I associate with that raggedy thing!

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