Sports fans and pop culture junkie, listen up, because we’ve found a Real Beauty that can tackle the sidelines just as easily as she can strut a red carpet: Kristen Aldridge. The former (and, need we say, popular) host of the hit ESPN sports-entertainment series ESPN Road Trip is now as the host of Yahoo!’s omg! NOW (the most watched show on the web) and Kirsten is just getting started. Sure, the award-winning television personality and entertainment journalist is making strides in the entertainment world, but she’s also recently launched her own online pop culture magazine and clothing line, Positively Celebrity, featuring celebrity-inspired fashion without the need for a celebrity budget and, we’re sure, will have much more up her sleeve down the road!

We sat down with Kristen Aldridge and asked her to weigh in on Real Beauty… 

I think beauty is… not defined by age, gender, color, body shape or size. Beauty is in everyone!

I feel most beautiful when… I just got in a great workout, especially outside.

I deal with the pressure for body “perfection” by… not comparing myself to others and just work on the best “me” I can be.

My 3 cannot-live-without-them beauty products are… Bliss Triple Oxygen Triple Energizing Mask, L’oreal Double Extend Mascara and Bare Minerals in Warmth (makes for an incredible bronzer!)

My pre-event routine consists of… research, work out, shower, hair/makeup then more research.

My ideal spa day would include… starting it off with an extra hot skim latte and an apple fritter (my oh-so-guilty pleasure), some relaxation time in the steam room, a back massage, then a pedicure and manicure.

The newest relaxation technique… and it’s free!

The women I most admire are… Oprah and Barbara Walters. Anyone strong, confident, and a positive force!

If I could give young women a piece of advice, it would be… Believe in yourself! You can do anything you put your mind to!

I am currently excited about… my gig as host of “omg! NOW” on Yahoo!! I’m so grateful to be a part of such a phenomenal brand and to do what I love every day.

My dreams for the future are… achieving both my professional and personal goals.

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The one lesson I try to remind myself of is to… enjoy the present moment without worrying about the future.

I wish more women would… realize we’re not invincible and put taking care of ourselves on our “to do” list.

I wish I could… stop drinking so much coffee!

My favorite body part of mine is my… arms.

I hate my… ability to never be on time! And I talk REALLY loud on the phone :)

Love your arms with these 3 moves!

Photography Credit: Bradford Rogne

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