At just 21 years old, Morgan Pressel has accomplished more than many women twice (or even three times) her age. She qualified for the US Open when she was just 12 years old, is the youngest ever winner of an LPGA major tournament (she was just 18) and has reached as high as number 4 in the Women’s World Golf Rankings.  And while these athletic accomplishments are certainly more than enough to make her one of The Beauty Bean’s Real Beauties, we also admire Morgan because of her inner beauty and philanthropic passion (she founded The Morgan & Friends Fight Cancer Tournament after losing her mother to breast cancer).

We’ve become all too familiar with the young woman who grows up in the spotlight and seems to lose herself in the process and it’s both refreshing and inspiring to see a young woman like Morgan who not only has remained true to herself but also has flourished as a real beauty inside and out. She is a stellar role model for women and girls everywhere.

We sat down with Morgan Pressel and asked her to weigh in on real beauty.

What do you think makes someone beautiful?
The way they carry themselves.

Beautify with confidence, like Meryl Streep!

How do you deal with the pressure of body perfection in our culture?
It is hard. As an athlete and a public figure, I need to be in the best shape possible, but I could never be a stick figure. And I think its important to show young girls that its perfectly ok to be strong and athletic, as well as girly and pretty.

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If you could give your younger self some advice about beauty, what would it be?
I wish I had respected sunscreen as much as I do now. I’ve spent everyday in the sun as long as I can remember, and I’m sure I will see the effects on my skin before too long, sadly.

What’s your one can’t live without beauty product?
I don’t really have one. Maybe sunscreen? Makeup? A razor? There’s a long list! Maybe even just a bar of soap!

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