Entertainment Tonight fans will likely already know the Real Beauty in Samantha Harris, but for those of you less familiar with the two-time Emmy-nominated television personality’s charm, we assure you that she’s worthy of the Real Beauty title – and not merely for what she does on camera as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, former co-host of Dancing With The Stars and award show red carpet staple. Rather, Samantha Harris is a mom, wife, entrepreneur, collaborator on the design of a brand new premium denim line and an activist. It is for all these reasons – and more – that she’s The Beauty Bean’s newest Real Beauty.

Samantha Harris weighs in on Real Beauty…

I think beauty is… Confidence. Someone who is self-possessed in a way that exudes a happy sense of self, that is incredibly beautiful.

I feel most beautiful when… my husband unexpectedly takes my hand in his.

I deal with the pressure for body “perfection” by…. eating dessert! Nightly! Seriously. Balance is key. Egg whites, Greek non-fat yogurt and chicken breasts are my daily staples, but I have to indulge a little each night.

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My 3 cannot-live-without-them beauty products are… Aquafor ointment for lips, cuticles and random dry patches; water-proof mascara; concealer for the under-eye area. I use a variety of brands for the last two.

My pre-event routine consists of… a self-applied application of self-tanner and a mani/pedi (usually with my 4-year-old on the floor of my bathroom having me do her nails first!)

My ideal spa day would include… a great cardio workout, followed by a 90-minute deep tissue massage, a facial then steam and jacuzzi.

The women I most admire are… single moms of multiple children. It’s challenging enough being a working mom with a wonderful, hands-on husband but to do it solo and with twins or triplets (or even babies close in age) — that is a true super-woman to me!

If I could give young women a piece of advice, it would be… go to college to receive the best education you can possibly get.

I started a denim line because… after discovering maternity jeans during pregnancy, I wondered why chic jeans with comfort in the waistband eluded those of us NOT pregnant. I went on a quest to find jeans that didn’t give me tightness in the waist or cut in when sitting down, bloated or after a big meal! They just didn’t exist. So I pitched the idea to create my own line to the premium denim brand with the best technology for making jeans that had incredible stretch yet structured and stylish. DL1961 already uses 4-way stretch denim and X-Fit technology in their main line, so it was the perfect synthesis with my idea for the waistband and beyond. One year and 5 incarnations of the waistband later — we had it perfect. My DREAM JEAN! Then we gave it a 31″ inseam (read: fitting room to night out without stopping at the tailor for a hem!). More details about the “science” behind “The Samantha” jean, as well as where to buy it, is here.

My dreams for the future are… to expand the “Samantha” jean line (we already have 4 colored jeans – dark teal, deep pink, eggplant purple and rust – in production for the holidays!) and to show my daughters that if you have an idea, a dream … Go after it and don’t let anyone tell you can’t try!

The one lesson I try to remind myself of is that… health is the most important thing. Everything else doesn’t matter if you and your family are not healthy.

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I wish more women would… get a colonoscopy. I lost my dad to colon cancer and learned the importance of this exam.

I wish I could… cure all cancers. Lofty, I know. I was honored recently to host Angel Ball in NYC, which raised $3.3 million for cancer research.

My favorite body part of mine are my… arms because they allow me to hold and hug my girls and their daddy.

I hate my… um, where do we start? LOL. Seriously, we all pick ourselves apart. I do have a furrow line my mom told me as a kid to stop furrowing my brow or I would have. Dammit. Mom was right.

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