Radiant Bride Shawn Johnson Opens Up About Her Dress, Fitness Routine + More!

Olympic gold medalist and Dancing With The Stars winner Shawn Johnson is engaged – so when we were invited to join her at her bridal shower, in partnership with WeddingWire for their annual #justsaidyes campaign to celebrate engagement moments of thousands of other couples, we practically cartwheeled ourselves on over.

And not just because it perfectly aligned with the launch of Radiant Bride – of which Shawn is a fan!

While you may think that the professional competitor would be tackling wedding planning with an olympian’s intensity, we were refreshingly surprised by her laid-back, family-first approach to her upcoming nuptials to football player Andrew East.

We sat down with Shawn Johnson – and her fiancé! – to get the scoop on her wedding day beauty routine.

What is the morning of your wedding day going to be like?

Shawn: We’re not doing a first look, so the morning of my wedding we’re planning on having all of my bridesmaids (there are 9 of them!) stay at our house overnight– so our house, we’ll be making it a bridal suit or bridal salon, – and they’re all going to stay overnight, and we’ll decorate it super, super girly and hair and makeup will come to the house, and his mom and my mom will come over in the morning and cook breakfast, and just do a whole girls night and getting ready day.

Will you sleep in?

Shawn: Probably not, we’ve been taking about a morning workout. I will probably go crazy if I don’t workout before! So, we’ve talked about going on a run or a Barry’s Bootcamp class. We’ll see! Probably workout, light breakfast of coffee and eggs!

How have you changed your fitness or diet routine for your wedding?

Shawn: I’m just coming out of knee reconstruction (from March) and every bride wants to look great on her wedding day – so I’m just getting back into working out again. But I’m not restricting myself, everything in moderation, and being active – we’re working out together.

What will the food be at the wedding?

Andrew: Everything is super local, a natural feel chicken and waffles, short-ribs, salmon – we both love salmon – BBQ sliders, which are delicious!

Shawn: My must have food was a charcuterie board!

Andrew: And banana pudding and pie!

Shawn: Lots of pie!

Andrew: We just did the food tasting, it was the best of the whole process!

Have you decided on your hair and makeup?

Hair and makeup were the first things I did – I’m bringing in my Dancing with Stars people! That was a must!

What about your dress?

[Andrew leaves, obvi!]

Shawn: I don’t want to reveal too much – it’s the one big surprise – but I happened upon my wedding dress designer [Nashville based Olia Zavozina]. I booked entire weekend in NY with my bridesmaids, mom, and future mother in law at all the top desiners. And I never thought I would do a custom dress, but my wedding planner suggested I meet with Olia, and I fell in love with her – she’s doing my dress, my bridesmaids’ dresses, and his [Andrew’s] suit.

Do you have your something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new?

Shawn: I’m not sure about the borrowed or old, but the dress is new and our colors are navy and ivory, so I went with navy shoes as my something blue, but it will be hidden by the dress!

Any gymnastics planned?

Shawn: I mean I’ll have teammates at the wedding but I won’t be doing cartwheels down the aisle or anything!

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