She’s a multi-platinum recording artist and dance icon with three Grammy nominations, more than 75 million albums sold worldwide, and twelve Top 20 singles under her belt. And that’s all before Taylor Dayne’s “comeback.”

Since appearing on Food Network’s Rachel Ray Vs. Guy Gieri: Celebrity Cook-Off, Taylor Dayne has gone back to her dance roots with a fresh, upbeat monsoon of dance music on the horizon, even jumping back into the recording studio with the likes of Dre Knight, embarking on whole new age of Taylor Dayne.

We asked Taylor Dayne to talk to us about Real Beauty and how her perspective has changed this time around…

Taylor Dayne: On Real Beauty

I think beauty is… confidence. Men love confident and loving women, who love themselves first.

I feel most beautiful when… I’ve accomplished something I put off. When I hike in nature, it’s prayer time for me so I unload, look around and get perspective.

The women I most admire are… confident and a little exotic like Eva Mendez and Penelope Cruz.

I deal with the pressure for body “perfection” by… working out, taking care of myself, and talking to my girlfriends, who I admire. I also like getting new tips on food, health and beauty.

When the media analyzes or criticizes my body, or the bodies of others, I feel… I look at me daily. It’s hard enough overcoming my own self imagine obstacles, so the media criticizing is like a giant magnifying glass and it can be hurtful. I juggle and need to focus on the most important data in my life, especially as a single, busy, working mom.

My perspective on beauty and fame has changed over the course of your career by… As I get older and my body changes, I’ve learned to accept me for me. You can’t worry about pleasing other people. I do try different products, procedures and laser though. I also try to detox more.

Something I know now that I wish I had known sooner is… that it’s ok to show your vulnerable side as woman.

I wish more women would… love themselves more and know how glorious, powerful and beautiful we are without trying.

I wish I could… remember every second of the day how glorious, powerful and beautiful I am as a woman by just being me.

An easy way to remind yourself of this!

The craziest thing I’ve done for beauty is… put a mortgage payment worth of hair extensions in my head!

I hate my… doubts.

My 3 cannot-live-without-them beauty products are… fake eyelashes, Rosebud Salve (for lips hands, elbows, hand cream) and Gycolic/Retinol nightly. I also swear by organic coconut oil as a body moisturizer – and sunblock.

The DIY beauty tips I swear by are… over the years as a teen I would henna my own hair. I’d sit in the sun to lighten the ends and get a beach-like look. It always worked really well for me.

Hair coloring tips from the pros!

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