Recently Taylor Swift has been rocking sleek, straight strands and bold, blunt bangs. And while the change in her beauty look has us talking, her beauty doesn’t come close to stealing the spotlight from her record – and we mean record! – success. Not only is she Billboard’s 2011 Woman of the Year (and the youngest ever recipient of this top honor) but also Taylor Swift is the reigning AMA artist of the Year and the CMA and ACM Entertainer of the year. Oh, and did we mention that she’s only just turning 22 this month?!

We had the chance to chat with Taylor Swift at this year’s Billboard Women in Music Awards (thanks to Crest 3D White team, the #1 Whitening Brand recognized by top beauty magazine editors – including us!) where we asked her to weigh in on hair… and Real Beauty.

Thinking about cutting bangs or ironing your hair straight? Taylor would say to go for it! “I really wanted to try cutting bangs and I showed up on a photo-shoot and they wanted to do like a clip-in-bangs and straight hair and I just said ‘why don’t you just cut ‘em’ and they did!” Bottom line: don’t take beauty too seriously! As Taylor told us, “I just wanted to change my look a little bit and I love how bangs work with other people so I thought to possibly do something different and straighten my hair… and it’s just fun to play around with your hair and change it up and I never change it up, so this is nice!”

How to trim your own bangs!

And for all you curly-haired ladies out there: fret not! Taylor tells us she’s been playing around with it in her hotel room and thinks it may work – so get ready to see her strutting the style soon (we certainly are!)

Hair aside, though, Taylor is more than a trend-setting beauty. Rather the singing/song-writing superstar is not only an award-winning artist, CoverGirl model and even an actress, but rather also is a role model too. So, what message does Real Beauty Taylor Swift hope to send to her young fans? “Find what you want to do in life that you love and figure out what you spend most of your time doing an d try to find a career path that’s close enough to that!”

We couldn’t agree more.

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