If this doesn’t inspire you to live your dream life…

Tiphany Adams was a rebellious high school senior with dreams of modeling when she was in a devastating car crash. She and two friends were hit by a drunk driver in a 130 mph head-on collision in 2000.

All were pronounced dead at the scene…until the EMTs heard a faint sound from Tiphany.

Pried from the wreck and airlifted to the hospital, her family was told she had a 5% chance of survival. Three weeks in a coma and months in the hospital later, Tiphany graduated with her class that June and went on to be a preschool teacher and fitness instructor.

Refusing to allow her wheelchair to hold her back from her dreams, Tiphany Adams is now pursuing her original dreams of modeling and acting. She is currently working on her carreer as a fitness model and designing a clothing line called “Wheely Famous,” all while starring in Sundance Channel’s Push Girls, a new docu-series highlighting four women who are helping to redefine what it means to be beautiful. As Tiphany says, “I hope more people open up their eyes instead of turning their heads. We all come in different shapes & sizes; we all have a spirit and we can connect when you look beyond the obvious.”

Now that’s what we call Real Beauty.

Tiphany Adams: On Real Beauty

I think beauty is… natural and something that is not forced:  Being true to yourself.

I feel most beautiful when… after I have just sweat for about an hour and my skin is glowing.

I think body “perfection” is….  the word “perfection” itself is to be flawless, and that seems impossible. Our bodies are constantly changing, and the idea of what “perfection” is, is forever changing. Accept your true beauty, imperfections are beautiful.

“Accept your true beauty, imperfections are beautiful.”

When the media analyzes or criticizes celebrities’ bodies, I feel… empathy for the celebrity and quite annoyed by judgmental opinions of the media. It’s cruel to be nagging a person about their appearance.

The women I most admire are… My step-mom Judie, my Auntie Chris and Oprah.

If I could give young women a piece of advice, it would be… Don’t believe everything you’re told; learning to love yourself is a process, and it gets easier; be kind to yourself and know you deserve to be loved unconditionally and do not let anyone tell you differently. Abusive relationships are detrimental to your health and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

“Be kind to yourself and know you deserve to be loved unconditionally”

My dreams for the future are…  I look forward to the possibilities of running, walking, and jumping again with the technology we have that can help paralysis. I also plan to get an amazing role in a feature film and one day receive an Oscar and maybe even an Emmy.

The one lesson I try to remind myself of is to… remember: Patience is a virtue.

I struggle most… with retail therapy.

I wish more women would… love themselves unconditionally.

I wish I could… gain muscular strength back in my legs and walk again.

My favorite body part of mine is… my brain.

The craziest thing I’ve done for beauty is… wax my underarms, put a jar mayonnaise in my hair, and slept with toothpaste on my face.

The one style tip I swear by is… confidence is the best accessory.

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