Germany’s Darling Of Cinema Shares The Secret To Aging Gracefully

If you’ve ever doubted whether beauty comes from a jar/tube/compact or exudes from within, all you need to do (as if it were so easy… sigh) is book a ticket to Europe and look around. There, women radiate beauty – and it’s not because they’re rocking the latest lipstick.

Sure, we can venture to guess what we think the secret to natural, European beauty is (no processed foods, work-life balance, etc.), but we’d rather go to the source and who better to shed light on the secret to Real Beauty than Germany’s most famous actress, Uschi Glas.

Otherwise knows as the “darling” of German cinema, Uschi’s getting ready to attend the The Hollywood Premiere of her new film Forward. Side. Close! and, in the process, is letting us in on some of her secrets for how she manages to grow older both gracefully, healthfully, and above all happily!

Uschi Glas: 10 Ways To Embody Real Beauty At Any Age

Focus on what makes you happy. If I feel beautiful, I know I will look beautiful, so I focus on projects that make me feel empowered and happy as a woman.

Go outside. Uschi swears by long walks in the magical Bavarian forest. She claims the reason her skin looks so radiant is because of the air in the forest – she thinks the air is similar to the expensive “oxygen facials” that people pay so much for.

Avoid unrealistic beauty ideals. Uschi thinks American women often feel pressure to look a certain way, thanks in large part to the entertainment industry and unrealistic media standards. Women in Germany have a more laissez-faire attitude and focus more on honoring their bodies instead of punishing them. Unlike American women who choose to sweat profusely in the gym for a workout, German women are more likely to ride their bikes or take walks though the forest.

Load up on mushrooms. Uschi believes in organic produce and swears by the benefits of the mushrooms from the Bavarian forest that she picks. Mushrooms are said to have anti-aging proteins and even improve bone health.  They are also very high in protein.

Add fermented vegetables to your diet. Instead of energy supplements, Uschi Glas eats lots of German Sauerkraut to support digestive health and give her energy. As she told us, “most people don’t know what a terrific source of energy Sauerkraut is!”

Exfoliate. One of her best beauty secrets is a natural facial scrub made with raw sugar and a drop of natural oil. Mix them together immediately prior to use (if you mix the oil and sugar together too far in advance it will lose its efficacy) for a natural facial scrub.

Protect your skin from the sun. Uschi Glas always applies lots of sunblock and wears big, beautiful hats.

Stay hydrated. She loves water and sees this as one of the best beauty products from the inside out. “Water is the real source of life for our skin,” she says. Drink enough and “your skin glows from the inside out.”

Go makeup free. Going au natural allows her skin more time to breath and her pores to remain less clogged. Plus, as she says, “I think minimalism reflects more innate confidence…I don’t need to apply make up every day, I am happy from within and I think that shows.”

Take care of your skin. “I was taught, like my other friends, to start taking care of my skin at a young age. I think German women are taught that instead of waiting for aging to begin and then fighting it with powerful, unnatural ingredients, it is best to start young and slow the effects of aging long before they begin.”

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