Vanessa Williams first captivated our attention as the first black Miss America in 1983 and, even throughout the controversy that followed, has maintained our adoration for almost 30 years now. With her piercing blue eyes and striking beauty, Vanessa Williams is one of the most multi-faceted performers (having sold millions of albums worldwide and achieving critical acclaim as an actress on stage, in film and on television, most recently in Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives). And now, with a book (under her belt and beauty line recently launched on QVC, she’s showing us that there is no end in sight to our love for this Real Beauty.

Here, Vanessa Williams weighs in on Real Beauty and more…

How do you define beauty?
Confidence is always the key to beauty. Whatever the occasion, wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable and having radiant skin can make you confident to walk in your own shoes no matter where you are; and that is beautiful.

How do you deal with the media’s pressure for “perfection”?
We all have had our fair share of bad skin days. Unfortunately, in my business, there is nowhere to hide. Every flaw is highlighted and visible to the critical public eye, which is why it was time for me to find a solution. I came to terms with the fact that I could not stop time or the harsh effects the sun and dry air had on my skin, so I took matters into my own hands and created a skin care regimen and products that would counter-act the damages and signs of aging.

What’s 1 thing you wish you knew when you were younger?
Aging gracefully is harder than it sounds, and we often don’t make the time to moisturize, which leads to dry, dull skin, and an aging complexion. Now I always carry a travel-sized bottle of my moisturizing lotion in my purse. Works every time!

How do you eat/take care of your body for beauty?
Staying hydrated is number one, especially for our skin. I am also a strong believer in exercise. I’m obsessed with my Body Theory Drenched class in L.A. and Zumba® in New York City.

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What does your skincare routine consist of?
I start my day with a glass of lemon water and an application of a skin repair serum, which helps restart the skin to its youthful radiance. My Re-Start Skin Repair Serum is a multi-purpose formulation that helps treat and protect skin against aging, stress, and harmful environmental elements. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and even and has exceptional ingredients to which I was introduced by specialists around the world.

What made you embark on skincare and what makes this line different?
I’ve battled skin problems my entire life and after working with the best doctors, dermatologists, and estheticians in the world, I was fortunate enough to find products that consistently worked for me. Now my skin is in great shape, and my fans constantly ask about my skin care regimen. So, I have decided to share my secrets. I identified high-quality ingredients and the most user-friendly approach to beautiful skin, with the goal of providing real solutions for real women – ReVitalistic Skincare.

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