Victoria’s Secret’s Sexiest Models Reveal What They Think Makes Someone Sexy!

Victoria’s Secret models, by definition, exude sexiness. Just flip through a catalogue (if you can get your hands on it before your husband/boyfriend/brother steals it!) or walk by a store and the allure is palpable. The sultry women who have us lusting for their Victoria’s Secret bras and underwear (and their bodies too, of course), though, are more than just stunning beauties: they’re Real Beauties too.

At the launch of Victoria’s Secret PINK’s new line of girl-approved, NFL apparel, PINK NFL, we had the chance to sit down with Chanel Iman and Erin Heatherton and talk to them about Real Beauty.

What do you think truly makes a woman beautiful?

Chanel: I think it really is all about confidence, and just being who you are and not trying to be something you’re not and not overdoing it.

Erin: When I look at a woman and think, “I envy her” or “she’s gorgeous and beautiful” is when she can make you laugh.  When a woman has a sense of humor, I think she really stands out. I really think a sense of humor is the sexiest thing a woman can have.

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How do you deal with the pressure for body perfection in our culture?

Chanel: I don’t really think about it too much….I just try to be myself, and like myself for who I am…

Erin: I definitely think there is pressure for a perfect body at times – and, let’s be honest, working at Victoria’s Secret it’s my job to look good and take care of my body.  I do make an effort to take care of myself physically, because it’s part of my job and I accept that, but I also just try not to take all the pressure too seriously.

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What Victoria’s Secret items make you feel the most beautiful?

Chanel: I love the Sexy Little Things collection.  It’s one of the Victoria’s Secret collections and I honestly wear something from it like every single day.

Erin: I love my Biofit bra ($58). I’m actually wearing it now! Especially the seven-way one, because it goes with every outfit I have and every occasion, so I think it’s just perfect.

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