Yolanda Adams is not only a 4-time Grammy Award winning inspirational artist, but also an inspiration. Period. She’s fantastically celebrating her 50th birthday – and not by saying “50’s the new 40.” Rather, she’s declairing herself  “50 and fabulous” – and we couldn’t agree more! With her most recent album hitting #5 on the Billboard Charts and her newest venture, a self-titled high-end collection, Yolanda is showing us just want a Real Beauty can really do!

We chat with Yolanda Adams about Real Beauty 

What do you think makes someone beautiful?
I believe confidence makes a person beautiful. We all have things about ourselves we may want to improve upon, but confidence is the key component in enhancing the beautiful you, you already are.

How has your definition of beauty changed over the last 50 years?
My definition of beauty has remained the same over the last few years. Beauty starts on the inside. If you are taking care of your body, it shows up in your skin, hair and nails.

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Does being in the spotlight affect how you feel about beauty and body image?
Being in the spotlight makes me more aware of the responsibility I have to young people to give a healthy and positive self image. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have great genes. But I am very open about the need for me as well as others to make exercise and good eating habits a part of your daily regimen.

Does being in the spotlight affect how you feel about beauty and body image?
I was taught from a young age that there is only 1 me and as a 1 of a kind person, you should be proud of what GOD made you. Of course we all go through the awkward teen phases where we want to be like someone else. ( I wanted to be like Tamara Dobson and Naomi Sims since I was extremely tall for my age) Then all of a sudden, I became the body type people wanted to be like which affirmed what I was taught as a child.

If you could give your younger self advice about beauty, what would it be?
Beauty advice I’d give my younger self would be; keep the skin regimen and body regimen on point and everything will turn out fine.

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How do you deal with the pressure for “body perfection” in the media?
I never let anyone else’s pressure become my own. I was taught this extremely valuable lesson by my father, who never let the stress of being a coach get to him. He was always making time for the most important things. He had an impeccable sense of balance that I’m proud to say I inherited.

Do you have any beauty tips you swear by?
I have always been a proponent of clean eating resulting in great skin. Of course the old adage of cleansing your face before bed and taking make up off every night. I am Spa Disciple. I believe that massages are a God-send.

Who are your beauty role models?
My first Beauty role models were the Beautiful ladies of my family. My Mom, my Granny were fashionistas in their day. My Great Aunt Ida inspired me to sew and love how tall I was and she had a great sense of style. I look at women whom I call my mentors like Tramaine Hawkins, Nancy Wilson, B Smith who have impeccable skin and have aged gracefully without changing their looks. These are my examples of Beauty.

What’s one thing you wish more women knew?
I wish more women knew that we ALL are Beautiful. That Beauty never comes in a box or needle nor a bottle. It is on the inside waiting to be tapped into. And that each moment of your life can be one filled with Beauty because you are!!!

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