4 Fashion Tips from Jeannie Mai of “How Do I Look”

How To Beat The Winter Blues With Fashion

By Alexis Wolfer

Let fashion be your ‘wearapy.’ Sure, sweat pants may be your go-to when you’re feeling low, but are they also contributing to your less-than-stellar mood? Jeannie Mai thinks so! As Jeannie explains, not only can you enhance your own mood with your fashion choices, but also you can affect the mood of the people and the environment around you with the colors and textures of the clothes you wear. So, how do we do this? Heading on a job interview? Wear purple and cream! Purple is the color of energy and royalty while cream implies to your potential employer that they should restart and renew their business and that you’re a good candidate. Getting ready for a date? Soften the mood by wearing velour, cashmere or velvet, for a warm and welcoming vibe, and soft colors like beige, blush and tulip both for your eye makeup and your clothes to set a more engaging atmosphere. Winter weather dragging you down? Deviate from your instinct to wear only blacks, grays and other blah hues, which represent stability, earthiness, comfort and relaxation and instead swamp out some of those boring colors with bright, zesty colors like magenta, violet, teal to boost your mood! Need an idea? Jeannie loves florescent accents mixed in with grey and brown.

Break some fashion rules… not others! While Jeannie Mai is a huge fan of breaking traditional fashion rules, (say yes to wearing black and brown together, mixing patterns and rocking open toed shoes with tights!), she is a stickler for one rule: never wear anything that doesn’t fit with the hopes of looking fashionable. As she says, “if you don’t have fit, you don’t have fashion!” Nothing drags you down more than a way-too-oversized sweater.

The fashion rules you should break!

Add glitz and glam. You may be cocooning yourself in cozy sweaters, warm coats and furry boots, but don’t forget mood-boosting accessorizes too. Jeannie Mai says that glitzy and glittery accessories can instantly lift our spirits, so swap out your boring bobby pin with one embellished with glitter or add a sparkly broach to your jacket or a glittery scarf to your outfit before heading out the door.

Indulge! This holiday season, don’t forget to buy something for yourself too! Whether you splurge on a new pair of oxfords or a piece of chocolate cake, enjoy it and don’t feel guilty! Or do like Jeannie does and swap out one of your snacks with a Yoplait Light so you feel better about dipping into an extra portion of dessert or creamy dip!

The health benefits of chocolate!

Photography Credit: yoplait.com