Beth Shak: On Real Beauty

Whether you’re a poker fan or Louboutin lover, Beth Shak should be on your “women to watch” list. The world-class professional poker player and owner of the largest collection of Christian Louboutin’s in the world, though, is more than just a Vegas-lovers dream girl. Rather, Beth Shak is also a philanthropist, mother and Real Beauty.

We sat down with Beth Shak and asked her to weigh in on Real Beauty

I think beauty is… your inner self.

I feel most beautiful when… I’m in my 6-inch Louboutin’s.

I feel self-conscious when… People recognize me.

Ideal with pressure by… calling my therapist.

The therapy session you can give yourself!

For me, poker means… competition, achievement.

My 3 cannot-live-without-them beauty products are… MAC Bronzer, Aveno moisturizing lotion, Dior Show mascara.

My pre-event routine consists of… having my charged iPods and my lifesavers mints

The women I most admire are… Sarah Blakely, an amazing entrepreneur, and my mom who went to University of Pennsylvania then back to nursing school at 40 with 3 kids. I don’t know how she did it.

If I could give young women a piece of advice, it would be… Be independent. Always earn money on your own. Never solely rely on a man.

Finance tips all women need to know!

My dreams for the future are… Big!

The one lesson I try to remind myself of is to… Never give up.

I wish more women would… Realize they can balance being a great mom and having a successful career.

I wish I could… clone myself sometimes.

My favorite body part of mine is… eyes.

How to make your eyes pop!

I hate my… height.

The one style tip I swear by is… Don’t get taken by the style of the moment if it doesn’t look good on you!

In the next year I hope to… Achieve my next set of goals…

If I could only keep 3 items in my closet, they would be… Classic Louboutin Peep toes, Hermes Birkin bag, the “it” pair of well fitted jeans.

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