Brittany Jackson is an undergraduate student at the University of Arkansas pursuing a degree in English and creative writing.  She is passionate about ridding the world of diet culture and its toxic effects after dealing with disordered eating through much of high school and the beginning of her time at college.

Brittany writes about her struggles with body-image and anxiety on her blog, where she focuses is on reinterpreting what it really means to be “beautiful”–beauty is kindness, beauty is strength, beauty is knowing who you are and loving that person. When she’s not formulating her thoughts into blog posts, Brittany spends time writing young adult fiction that usually includes characters dealing with some of the struggles she has personally experienced.  She writes with the main goal of reaching readers that can relate to her characters and therefore feel less alone in their own obstacles.

I am bold… because I choose to stand against the focus on weight loss and dieting that is so prominent in our world.

I am brilliant… because I have a genuine care for others and their struggles, and choose to use my talents for the purpose of helping them feel understood.

I am beyond the bullshit… because I’m too busy promoting love to deal with that.

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