Chrissy FinkChrissy Fink is a Fitness Professional and Holistic Health Coach passionate about educating and empowering women through exercise and nutrition. Chrissy believes mixing up your workouts keeps your mind fresh and your body changing. She’s passionate about all types of exercise and likes to dabble in anything from Yoga, Pilates Reformer to Crossfit and Barre. Chrissy has been teaching group and private fitness for more than 5 years and has studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Fitness & Nutrition are her passions and she believes they go hand and hand to achieve ultimate wellness. Chrissy is AFFA group fitness certified, TRX certified and a Certified Holistic Health Coach from IIN.

I am bold… because I speak my mind, proud of the way I live my life and passionate about what I do.

I am brilliant… because I try to shine a light on everyone I meet, uplifting women by showing them how awesome life can really be!

I am beyond the bullshit… because I’ve leaned to live in my truth and be proud. Honesty is the best policy, you know when someone is being their true self there is authenticity about them and its drama free.

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