Courtney Leiva started in beauty world at the age of 6 giving her dog makeovers and bleaching Barbie’s hair. Now, with a bachelor’s degree in communications with a concentration in journalism, Courtney eats, sleeps and breathes beauty journalism whenever possible. Courtney has contributed to magazines such as, The, The Facets Mag, and Betty Confidential. She also serves as the active beauty editor at Love Twenty Magazine, a magazine geared towards women in the college aged demographic. More recently, Courtney has journeyed into the world of beauty blogging, as she has started her very own beauty blog: The Doll House! Love Twitter? Courtney does too!

I am bold…  mysterious, unforgettable, confident. All in the girl next door’s body of course.

I am brilliant… witty, never boastful yet never boring.

I am beyond the bullshit… period!

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