Gloria Knott, currently a journalism major from Arizona, is an enthusiast for all things DIY, fashion, and food. She’s never been too interested in numbers or the periodic table, but she’s loved art and English all her life. She grew up writing, carrying a diary, and sometime in sixth grade, she began writing her own nonfiction novel about a teen fashion designer (although she never got past the second chapter). Now, instead writing novels, Gloria is passionate about lifestyle journalism. When she’s not writing, she’s creating her own DIY room décor, baking cookies, or binge watching movies on Netflix with her boyfriend. Her biggest aspiration through journalism is to inspire her readers to express their own creativity. Whether you share an interest in makeup and fashion, cooking and baking, or interior design and crafting, Gloria encourages you to open up and share your creativity with the world.

I am bold… when I create.

I am brilliant… when I am passionate.

I am beyond the bullshit… because I know that everyone has the power to inspire, no matter the subject.

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